Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Woombie

I was just on Gmail and I was perusing emails, Google puts ads up based on what your emails talk about. I guess it read one of my emails discussing a conversation with a friend about babies. So it posted an ad about the "Woombie".
Now, how many of you, dear friends, think your baby would have or would like to be swaddled in this thing???

I think Caden did like swaddling even though he resisted it initially at times, but not sure he would have loved being in this thing.

If someone gave me one, I would certainly try it, not sure I would take initiative and buy it.


Q&L said...

although I just read the parent testamonials, very convincing!!

Tiffany said...

My boys would have LOVED it. They loved being swaddled. I wrapped them very tightly. The girls, not so much. I didn't know about swaddling with Jordan, and Elliot resisted and fought her way out of it.