Friday, October 29, 2010

update to MM post

Update to the Music Machine post, I have viewed the DVD's now and just for those of you who were interested in buy them...its like a storybook video. Its animated, then its narrated by a "storyteller". Its a man essentially reading the book, follows along with the scenes in the video. So, you will get to hear what a very manly female school teacher sounds like...haha

They are still well done, impressive for something made sooo long ago. The message, again, is great, so simply laid out. Great character building messages. The boys, at least William (17 months old), is quite captivated.

Just to update you.

lack of exercise

I haven't been running the last couple weeks, partly weather is to blame!!!
My back and neck are sure reminding me of my lack of exercise, thank you Advil. Here's to running (or exercise)!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Call me biased.

Just put Caden down for a nap, he is so adorable, sleeping or awake, so freakin`cute.

The Woombie

I was just on Gmail and I was perusing emails, Google puts ads up based on what your emails talk about. I guess it read one of my emails discussing a conversation with a friend about babies. So it posted an ad about the "Woombie".
Now, how many of you, dear friends, think your baby would have or would like to be swaddled in this thing???

I think Caden did like swaddling even though he resisted it initially at times, but not sure he would have loved being in this thing.

If someone gave me one, I would certainly try it, not sure I would take initiative and buy it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Music Machine

A long, long time ago, before the time of Veggie Tales, there was Music Machine...

Quinn's parents have been telling me about Music Machine for a few months, Quinn had Music machine cassettes with read-along books as a child. Quinn's parents seemed to like the message of music machine which goes through the Fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness (humbleness) and temperance (self-control).

So, for Caden's baby dedication, naturally, he received from them the gift of Music Machine CD's and Character Builder DVD. The CD's are songs about the Fruit of the Spirit and the DVD is short animations of them (character building).

I really like them. Caden has other music cd's, but considering this one is from the 80's, its done really well and I can "stand" the music :) ...the message it sends out is second to none.

Caden and W during the day, dance away to the music. The first time I played the cd's for them, they danced steady for 4 songs straight!! it was quite impressive. (I show them the moves ;)

Music Machine - Agapeland or you can buy them at Hull's in Winnipeg.

Just one of my fav songs (can't find on youtube):

Glad to be me:

One day I went to school and met,
To my surprise
A new kid, just my age
With muscles twice my size

And when I looked at him
I wished that I could be
Big and strong and tall instead of little me
(but then I thought)...

I never saw a pig flying like a bird
To see a bird with teeth
Would surely be absurd
I never heard a horse get hoarse
From tryin' to sing
I never saw a turkey wish that he was green

And I'm so glad to be
Just who God made me
I envy nobody
'Cause God made me special as can be

So if you ever wish
That you were someone else
Here's how to be content
Just to be yourself
Remember there is no one
Anywhere like you
So if you need advice
I'll tell you what to do
(Just think of this)

You never saw a mouse
Meowing like a cat
You never met a snake

Who wanted to be fat
You never saw a fish wish
He could be a frog
You never heard a turtle
Barking like a dog


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

on my mind right now...

Couple weeks ago I received a letter from our sponsored child, Samuel. He said his favorite story of the Bible was Noah's Ark (side-note: I love that Compassion puts their Child Development Centers in a church, A Church!).
He then asked what my (our?) favorite Bible story would be. Huh. Why had I never thought of that as a child? At least I don't remember having a favorite as a child or now. Caden received a kids Bible for his baby dedication on the 3rd. As I was reading the first page to Caden (don't usually get past the first page before Caden decides to go fast through the other pages, he delights in turning pages), the Genesis text jumped out, "In six days God made everything". Everything hey? The complexity of humans, all animals, land masses, oceans, galaxies, EVERYTHING. This was suddenly beyond comprehension to me. To add to this interesting thought, I was watching the Oasis channel one day (all documentaries on nature/science), the show was about how scientists/researchers study animals or insects, then try to recreate them. Some were studying insects - roaches and centidepes can move at amazing speeds, partly because of the number of legs and partly because of the angles/direction of their limbs. Then the univs would try to recreate using robotics, each time they did, they could come close, but there was always a way the insect was better. Or one car company studied a type of fish and realized even tho it was a box shape, the fish was very aerodynamic and efficient with energy, so they used the fish body shape in creating their car.

Mercedes-Benz bionic car

Box Fish

The narrator of this show ended each segment on the note that with each re-creation, the original creation just could not be matched. This was not a show that acknowledged God's creation. I think God used this show to help me read between the lines, I was able to come to His conclusion, the reality he wanted me to see.

All the complexities of creation in 6 days. We as humans in 6,000+ years haven't been able to figure out the complexities of the human body, the mind, haven't explored all the depths of the oceans, the list goes on. Will we ever figure it out? Does it matter? God planned it all out, zillions or in-numerous amounts of details in 6 DAYS! Can we trust him with our lives? With our short 90 year lives?

I wrote Samuel back, I stated honestly that I didn't know what my favorite story was. I did tell him what God was showing me about creation. As an adult now, I also told him the other "stories" I most value are Christ's birth - God becoming man and the death of Christ - Resurrection. I've been listening to Daily Audio Bible the last few weeks, the reading is in Jeremiah. God spoke to kings through Jeremiah. In the old testament (before Christ), if there wasn't obedience to what God spoke there were punishments - people, Kings, countries took the punishment. After Christ died, He took the punishment for us - enter Grace. Even though we as people still sin, we may suffer earthly consequences because of our sin, but we don't take eternal punishment IF we have accepted Christ.

Whoa! I get a daily email, this is what was in it today, talk about timing...relates to what is going on in my head about punishment, consequences and grace.

Romans 2:4: Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance, and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you to repentance? (NIV)

When our kids disobey, we sometimes feel justified to respond with anger, guilt, or sarcasm. It may make us feel better for a moment, but it rarely produces the results we are hoping for. This verse explains why. We can be "right" in our assessment of the situation and still be "wrong" in how we respond. We are called to treat our kids with respect, even in the midst of conflict, because this is how God responds to us in our rebellion.

Rather than seeking to punish or prove we're right, the motivation for discipline should be to move our kids towards holiness. God allows us to learn important lessons by giving us consequences, but He does so with kindness, tolerance and patience. This is the kind of discipline that leads to repentance!

Being kind, tolerant, and patient even in the face of disobedience or rebellion requires your kids to focus on their mistakes, rather than your response. - Parenting by Design

(boldness mine)

Multiple topics in this post, I realize that, it's whats on my mind right now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

see below

3 new posts today, see below.


Birthday parents, what great pleasure in giving your child their own piece of birthday cake to mulch up? (needless to say, we moved his chair off the carpet into the linoleum floor entrance :) he mulched the corner of it and ate some icing.

Birthday gift from Mom & Dad, a dump truck.

birthday fun

Our baby is 1.

how time flies.

What a fabulous first year.

Ups and downs, but way more ups.

Love my men, we're a blessed family!

(don't mind my unruly hair and lack of make-up, this was after swimming :)

Favorite kids books

I love these books, we bought Caden two of them for his Birthday!

Baby Einstein First Words
Baby Einstein Let's Go (forms of transportation)

The books are hardcover board books, with both an image and a word (see pic), both Caden and W spend lots of time either viewing alone or with me reading out the objects. The books have tons of objects. They were only $9 at Chapters.

Friday, October 15, 2010

6:10 - Awake, shower, start getting ready
6:30 - Earliest Caden wakes up, sometimes sleeps til 7
7:00 - pack Husband's lunch, MIL made coffee before she left for work, pour, add cream and sugar, stir, SIP!
7:25 - Pray with Quinn, Kiss, he leaves for work
7:30 - W. has arrived, chaos begins :)
7:31-8:00 - Play time, dump all toys from toy bins, play!
8:00 - if the boys haven't entered the kitchen and begin scouring cupboards already, I start making breakfast
8:01 - boys at my heels, whining for breakfast
8:10 - oatmeal is ready and cooled, pull out highchair and booster side by side, load and lock children in chairs and serve alternating spoonfuls
8:20 - All done, wipe hands and faces, exit chairs
8:21 - break up fight over climbing up the high chair
8:23 - move chairs from the dining room to the linoleum area of kitchen floor, lunch will be much messier.
8:34 - a little bit of cereal for breakfast and its time to take a poo, change 2 poo diapers
9:00 - nap time. Set up play pen in the in-laws room, Kiss and tell them sweet things, one in play pen, one in crib, see you in a couple hours.
10:00 - Caden will likely wake up from nap, but want to sleep more, put him back to sleep in our bed
11:30-noon - Boys awake, play time
12:20 - Boys in chairs, food!
12:40 - done lunch, wipe hands and faces, exit chairs
1:00 - change diapers x2
More play time, put some Veggie Tales tunes on, dance, dance, dance, read a book or two, enhance some motor skills with building blocks, or drive cars and trucks
1:30 - Assemble jogging stroller on the patio, dress boys for outdoors, change into jogging clothes, gather sippy cups, phone, keys, Mum-Mum snack for boys after park, strap boys in, jog.
1:45 - arrive at park, bounce on teeter-totter, pour kids down the slide, place kids in swings, make sure W doesn't run out of park onto street, take some pics.
2:20 - All done, have your sippy cups, strap back into jogger, each get a mum-mum stick, jog.
2:30 - stop running, someone is crying in stroller, suspect the other tried to grab sippy cup and/or snack. try to stop the crying. Continue jog. Watch thru back screen to ensure there is no more grabbing, keep hands to themselves :)
2:40 - back at home, eject boys from stroller, move inside. Undress from outside.
3:00 - feed milk to both boys - soon to be changing to snacks, I hope :)
3:20 - Nap time x2, check diapers before nap time
4:10 - W's pickup time, other Mama has arrived
4:20 - In laws are home from work to watch Caden, while I prepare dinner.
5:00 - Quinn is home - XO
5:20 - Eating dinner.
6:00 - clean up dinner with help from MIL
7:00 - Hang out with husband and Caden, fav time of the day.
8:30 - feed Caden some oatmeal before bed.
8:45 - bath time
9:00 - out of bath, dry, lotion up, jammies on
9:20 - Caden to bed
9:21 - more time with Quinn
10:30 - 11 - Bedtime!

Sound familiar anyone? Well, it might be without the in-laws for you ;)...sure is helpful some days!

Spell checker thinks poo isn't a word, its right, feces would be better. weird.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Thankful for a new baby.

Baby Luke Paul was born on Saturday, a strong 8lbs 11oz, 23in long. Mama is good, but recovering from that, as you can imagine.

Driving out on Saturday to see them, I felt such a difference of emotions, happy that he was born safely, happy for them as they start their life as family, but anxious and worried for them. Her experience is similar to mine, I relate, maybe slightly worse. The weeks of recovery for me seemed like an eternity, amidst all the adjustments and change of life. Difficult time. Hard to enjoy your new baby amidst that. Her experience could be entirely different, I know this. They will have lots of help and make it through it, just like we did. I know what to pray for. That she springs back quickly and she can enjoy those fleeting weeks of new baby.

Friday, October 1, 2010


In a chat with a dear friend about lunch for kiddos, i thought I'd post some of the meal ideas that popped into my head this week for toddlers/kids/you.

1. Leftover steak? No problem, tear it into bits, quick fry with some veggies (whatever you have, i did broccoli, red pepper, tomato), add a little fresh ground pepper, after frying, throw in a couple beaten eggs for a delicious omelet.

2. Scrambled eggs with Broccoli and cheese - cut the broccoli into little bits, throw couple tbsps of water in a pan with the broccoli, let it steam til the water is gone, add some oil/butter, throw in the eggs with some shredded cheese and Scramble!

3. Avocado Grilled Cheese - Lightly spread some butter on the outside of both slices of bread, on the insides of the bread, spread some avocado (mash with a fork in a bowl first so its easy to spread). Place shredded cheese on the avocado and fry it up. Cut into bits for yummy finger food! These boys love it!! (one lady i know uses cookie cutter shapes, stamped out of grilled cheese for something fun)

4. Sides - steamed anything, peas, carrots, broccoli. During morning nap, i'll sometimes quickly steam up some veggies, so I don't have to do it at lunch when they're at my heels. At lunch, again, yummy finger food.

5. Oatmeal anything - breakfast is very often oatmeal at our house. Some days I add cinnamon with milk. Other days cut up strawberry, or sometimes dice tiny bits of apple (boil in the water a bit first before adding quick oatmeal). I recently tried steel cut oats (best for you), that takes half hour which we often don't have.

6. When the kids are whining at my heels for their meal, which is anytime I enter the kitchen!, I'll give them a mini carrot, keeps them occupied for 10 minutes, its fabulous. (I only started this with Caden at 11 months - he does well with it at this point)

Other days we just serve leftovers from last night's dinner.

Some parts of my day are really chaotic and I wonder how I'm going to manage or if I'll ever learn enough to raise them up right, I have to really trust God for wisdom. But, this part of my day, I feel confident and great when I'm enabled to feed them well...that is if they choose to eat that day :)