Monday, October 11, 2010


Thankful for a new baby.

Baby Luke Paul was born on Saturday, a strong 8lbs 11oz, 23in long. Mama is good, but recovering from that, as you can imagine.

Driving out on Saturday to see them, I felt such a difference of emotions, happy that he was born safely, happy for them as they start their life as family, but anxious and worried for them. Her experience is similar to mine, I relate, maybe slightly worse. The weeks of recovery for me seemed like an eternity, amidst all the adjustments and change of life. Difficult time. Hard to enjoy your new baby amidst that. Her experience could be entirely different, I know this. They will have lots of help and make it through it, just like we did. I know what to pray for. That she springs back quickly and she can enjoy those fleeting weeks of new baby.


Tiffany said...

That's the crazy thing about a new baby - you're so sore, so tired, so drained during those first few weeks that you can barely remember those special moments. I even feel like that about Elliot, and she's only 3 months old! It's kind of sad really.

Ange said...

What a precious little boy. Congratulations to the new parents! I know those first days, weeks and how difficult they can be. But they will get through them and have a beautiful baby to love and raise and he will be a huge blessing in their lives! God will provide for them.

Ange said...

He is super cute!