Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Aslan, we're on the move!!

I always think of Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia), when it comes to moving, don't know why...does God move us??

Anyhoo, yep got into a house, a rental from some wonderful church people who wanted someone to take care of their potential retirement home in a few years.  Yep, we're here, take us!! and they did.  Aaaand, we're taking Quinn's parents with us, come along now!  (I'm writing this blog with expressions and funny voices in my head, but its not translating to paper, sorry.)
That makes the total rent cheaper for us than renting the apt, yay for cost savings, and, in the past, we've lived with Quinn's parents for almost 2 months in a 2 bdrm apt, so a house will feel oh-so-roomy to all of us.

We're very pumped, here's some of the pros I've been thinking about the last month-ish:

- a backyard for Caden!
- a 2-car garage (we'll be able to clean our truck in a garage, wow!!!)
- Daylight coming into all 4 sides of the house, instead of 1 in the apartment
- We had to get a new washer/dryer for the place...all the Mamas say ooooh, ahhhhh
- I'm not a huge AC person, but there is central air, as opposed to one unit blowing on you in the living room.
- South facing kitchen, sipping Java in the sun...mmmm
- Not carrying boat loads of groceries up the sidewalk, thru 3 doors, while juggling a baby.  Park truck in garage and unload at leisure.
- BIG PERK - no marijuana/smoke smell wafting into our home!! yay
**funny story--I'm kinda naive with this stuff, so it was our friends that told us "why does your hallway smell like marijuana??"...ya.  It's only been the last month that someone moved in across the hallway and decided to smoke marijuana every single day. We have a towel by our front door to keep the smell out and all our air exchange vents are covered in plastic. Yes- the builders decided it would be a good idea to put an air exchanger thru everyone's apartment and the hallways and move everyone's apt air to everyone else's apartment air...are you dumb???  There must be laws against that. Yes, I would love for the smoking units air to come into my apartment and my good smelling air to go clear their apartment out. Yowzers.  I talked with my neighbour today, she has a young baby, she's pretty annoyed. Apparently she called the office and they told her, "well, it could be medicinal" ?!?!? seriously? really?  I called police today, they said they can't do much, unless its happening the very moment, so i told them it was, i doubt they'll come. I called the Bldg Manager today and she seemed really concerned and said it wasn't something they wanted, so hopefully something will be done. I know I move this wknd, but seriously, its not fair to everyone else living here. My neighbour hopes to move by December, I'm praying for their sake they can move sooner. That's my pot rant.  I'm glad the Fed gov't is clamping down on pot smokers/growers.

Anyhoo, there of course are lots of great things about living in a house, but truly, since we moved here in November, we've been very grateful for this place, for all the things we have, that allow us to live and love others in our place.  We plan to continue and do more of that hospitality type stuff in the new place.  The area we live has been great too, lots of nice trails, park, I lost 10 lbs and gained some form, this spring running those trails!  AND, thankfully we're only moving 1km away to the house, so we'll still have access to all the great trails, BING!

We did not expect this kind of change this soon in our lives, we anticipated it much further down the road, but God plans and ways are way above ours and brought this at EXACTLY the perfect time, it is perfect time. Wow.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Godly Woman

I appreciate this church and how it gives away all its teaching...I appreciated this post today :)