Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking Past Haiti

Looking Past Haiti’s Short-Term Needs

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Caden is 3 months old now. 3 month old babies should sleep 5-6 hours in a night and maybe still need one feeding a night (especially breastfed babies). Lately Caden has been getting up twice a night and sleeping no more than 3 hours consecutively. Soooo...

It's about this time in his life where the books suggest he should learn how to put himself to sleep. To go to sleep initially on their own and in the middle of the night when they wake up (minus one feeding). A good nighttime routine should be established. Then they say for the first few nights of this you will experience them crying alone in their crib, but you are to go re-tuck them every 5-7 minutes, tell them you love them and it's time for sleeping. the past when I've seen other Mom's do this routine, it drove me crazy, I didn't like watching it, I just wanted to go pick up the baby and hold them and crying would cease. I STILL want to do this with my baby, but I know in the end it doesn't help him. It's a little easier to go through because this is my baby and I know he is fed, dry and not teething (in no pain), he's just emotionally unhappy - I still find it a little difficult. The first night was especially difficult because I gave in after 30 minutes, then had to go through the whole process again after putting him in his crib a second time after trying to rock him to sleep. The first night the whole process lasted 2.5 hours because I gave in the first time...and I cried and prayed to God for help. This is the second night out of 3 that I've let him cry (sometimes less than crying, just unhappy noise - don't know how to explain). It's now been a half hour and I think he's sleeping. (Gonna wait up 5 more mins to be sure).

...he's not sleeping yet...ok...another trip to the crib...

My husband, thankfully, can sleep through crying...yes, that is a good thing, I need him to get a full nights sleep so he can work and provide without being a zombie. I feel no shame napping during the day to compensate for the nights and my husband encourages me to do so...I love him.

There is some light in Caden's room from the kitchen light I leave on, I wonder if he should have a permanent night light. I know I slept with one for years.

I hope this learning curve isn't too steep for either of us and we get through it soon. We've done so well the last 3 months (month 1 was a difficult at times), we have learned a lot from Caden and during the day he rarely cries beyond us figuring out what is bothering him. We have also learned what his different cries mean, we very rarely hear the pain the cry we hear in his crib is definitely not the pain cry, just the "little unhappy with the situation" cry.

OK, so he's quiet now...if he is actually sleeping, this process was under 1 hour...yay, it's bedtime for Mommy! Sleep well little baby, love you!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Mondays - It's the day I feel closest to God, probably because you just come off Sunday with church and worship. I also recognize how great the weekends are on Monday. Quinn goes off to work on Monday and I reflect on the 2 full days we had together as a family and it makes me smile. Monday mornings I am filled with thankfulness and grateful for my husband and son. That's Mondays for me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a few things...not 100.

1. We have a baby boy, named Caden.

2. He just went through a growth spurt, eating every 2 hours, even at night, yikes!

3. Most nights he's in our bed by 5 or 6am.

4. This way we both spend the rest of the morning sleeping. Seems to be too awake with a normal feeding at that time of the morning.

5. We attended the First annual city wide church service this past Sunday, held at the MTS centre.

6. Worship and communion with 7-8000 other believers, very good!

7. I often watch The Mom's Show and 100 Huntley Street...hey, 100 Huntley Street has some good segments!!

8. It's disturbing how often the secular news casts edit out God in their news stories.

9. Caden is very busy, he got a jumperoo for Christmas, he enjoys bouncing in it :)

10. This time last year I was 1 week pregnant and didn't know it yet.

11. I've never been so busy in my life and so in love with 2 wonderful guys!

12. It's really hard to wipe up spit off a jumping baby.

13. It's grapefruit season, yum!

14. I have never fully watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. We own it now, so it may be a Bogusky family tradition in the years to come.

15. Quinn and I love visiting Vancouver

16. yum...seafood, in every restaurant, seafood everywhere

17. We also enjoyed Vancouver Island, Victoria and beyond

18. We were saddened to learn our honeymoon resort (Aerie Resort) was closed this fall due to economic conditions.

19. I really hope someone reopens it so we can go back one day.

20. Considering we paid the same price for a room in the off-season as an upscale room in a Wpg hotel would be, its so worth it!

21. Caden was awesome yest, hung out in the Jumperoo while Mommy worked out for 1/2 hour.

22. He did some business, so we had to take care of that 2/3rd's through.

23. Needless to say, I stepped out on the patio for a minute to cool down, thank goodness for -2 outside.

24. So tempting to take Caden out for a walk in this weather. Can't yet, don't have one of those all weather covers.

25. They're only about $5, should pick one up sometime.

26. Hoping to jog with him in the summer, we'll see how it goes.

27. He'll probably want to jog.

28.Caden can't yet touch the floor from his jumperoo, even on the lowest setting, so he jumps on our laptop bag...the laptop is not in it :)

29. watching news channel today, devastating situation in haiti.

30. Caden is healthy, we're thankful for our good health and safety here.