Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The past 9 months of posting have been sparse and without images (which everyone craves).

To explain my situation...Since moving in March, Quinn gave me his old computer. Lets just say it works. It's only use is basic internet capability and maybe budgets and small wedding tasks. I'm grateful to have a computer/internet at my place, but this poor, old unit has very little memory and one of the drives is already full. It's like the 'engine that barely could'. I do appreciate having access to the internet, even if I can't play videos, load music, download photos...you know...functions that are now-a-days basic computer requirements.

My camera has approximately 500 photos on it, the past 9 months of our lives are documented on my camera, including a cool Henckel knife trick Quinn created!! If only you could see it!

We might have a new home computer this fall, so stay tuned in the hopes my blogging takes a 180!