Thursday, July 15, 2010


The buds (Lyla's cousins)Port Elgin, Lake Huron
Where's Waldo?? (Georgian Bay, Tobermory)
HEY! how did that get in here?? haha
(wonder who snapped that pic?!)
YUMMY! (yes Candice, after i saw you snacking on those in Ottawa, I had to get in line for one of these...funny tho, my Mom used to make these for us for a treat, altho we would just have them with syrup. I had mine with chocolate and banana, DELISH!)

Kincardine for fireworks, July 1, Lake Huron

This guy was classic!! ;)

Caden learning...

Breakfast by the falls

Caden did not want to get out of bed that morning, he would whine, then turn his body, sleep, whine some more, turn again, sleep, whine some

Fireworks at Niagara

Airplane Ride x2 for Caden

My favorite family pic of the trip...