Friday, October 1, 2010


In a chat with a dear friend about lunch for kiddos, i thought I'd post some of the meal ideas that popped into my head this week for toddlers/kids/you.

1. Leftover steak? No problem, tear it into bits, quick fry with some veggies (whatever you have, i did broccoli, red pepper, tomato), add a little fresh ground pepper, after frying, throw in a couple beaten eggs for a delicious omelet.

2. Scrambled eggs with Broccoli and cheese - cut the broccoli into little bits, throw couple tbsps of water in a pan with the broccoli, let it steam til the water is gone, add some oil/butter, throw in the eggs with some shredded cheese and Scramble!

3. Avocado Grilled Cheese - Lightly spread some butter on the outside of both slices of bread, on the insides of the bread, spread some avocado (mash with a fork in a bowl first so its easy to spread). Place shredded cheese on the avocado and fry it up. Cut into bits for yummy finger food! These boys love it!! (one lady i know uses cookie cutter shapes, stamped out of grilled cheese for something fun)

4. Sides - steamed anything, peas, carrots, broccoli. During morning nap, i'll sometimes quickly steam up some veggies, so I don't have to do it at lunch when they're at my heels. At lunch, again, yummy finger food.

5. Oatmeal anything - breakfast is very often oatmeal at our house. Some days I add cinnamon with milk. Other days cut up strawberry, or sometimes dice tiny bits of apple (boil in the water a bit first before adding quick oatmeal). I recently tried steel cut oats (best for you), that takes half hour which we often don't have.

6. When the kids are whining at my heels for their meal, which is anytime I enter the kitchen!, I'll give them a mini carrot, keeps them occupied for 10 minutes, its fabulous. (I only started this with Caden at 11 months - he does well with it at this point)

Other days we just serve leftovers from last night's dinner.

Some parts of my day are really chaotic and I wonder how I'm going to manage or if I'll ever learn enough to raise them up right, I have to really trust God for wisdom. But, this part of my day, I feel confident and great when I'm enabled to feed them well...that is if they choose to eat that day :)

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Patkau Life said...

Carrots are a no no until they have molars. The biggest choking hazard ever. You can't dislodge it with the hemlec..sooo dangerous. Zandria didn't have a carrot until she was just about 3.
If you want to know all the stats and where the concern comes from I will post it in my blog yet, or you can call me.