Friday, October 15, 2010

6:10 - Awake, shower, start getting ready
6:30 - Earliest Caden wakes up, sometimes sleeps til 7
7:00 - pack Husband's lunch, MIL made coffee before she left for work, pour, add cream and sugar, stir, SIP!
7:25 - Pray with Quinn, Kiss, he leaves for work
7:30 - W. has arrived, chaos begins :)
7:31-8:00 - Play time, dump all toys from toy bins, play!
8:00 - if the boys haven't entered the kitchen and begin scouring cupboards already, I start making breakfast
8:01 - boys at my heels, whining for breakfast
8:10 - oatmeal is ready and cooled, pull out highchair and booster side by side, load and lock children in chairs and serve alternating spoonfuls
8:20 - All done, wipe hands and faces, exit chairs
8:21 - break up fight over climbing up the high chair
8:23 - move chairs from the dining room to the linoleum area of kitchen floor, lunch will be much messier.
8:34 - a little bit of cereal for breakfast and its time to take a poo, change 2 poo diapers
9:00 - nap time. Set up play pen in the in-laws room, Kiss and tell them sweet things, one in play pen, one in crib, see you in a couple hours.
10:00 - Caden will likely wake up from nap, but want to sleep more, put him back to sleep in our bed
11:30-noon - Boys awake, play time
12:20 - Boys in chairs, food!
12:40 - done lunch, wipe hands and faces, exit chairs
1:00 - change diapers x2
More play time, put some Veggie Tales tunes on, dance, dance, dance, read a book or two, enhance some motor skills with building blocks, or drive cars and trucks
1:30 - Assemble jogging stroller on the patio, dress boys for outdoors, change into jogging clothes, gather sippy cups, phone, keys, Mum-Mum snack for boys after park, strap boys in, jog.
1:45 - arrive at park, bounce on teeter-totter, pour kids down the slide, place kids in swings, make sure W doesn't run out of park onto street, take some pics.
2:20 - All done, have your sippy cups, strap back into jogger, each get a mum-mum stick, jog.
2:30 - stop running, someone is crying in stroller, suspect the other tried to grab sippy cup and/or snack. try to stop the crying. Continue jog. Watch thru back screen to ensure there is no more grabbing, keep hands to themselves :)
2:40 - back at home, eject boys from stroller, move inside. Undress from outside.
3:00 - feed milk to both boys - soon to be changing to snacks, I hope :)
3:20 - Nap time x2, check diapers before nap time
4:10 - W's pickup time, other Mama has arrived
4:20 - In laws are home from work to watch Caden, while I prepare dinner.
5:00 - Quinn is home - XO
5:20 - Eating dinner.
6:00 - clean up dinner with help from MIL
7:00 - Hang out with husband and Caden, fav time of the day.
8:30 - feed Caden some oatmeal before bed.
8:45 - bath time
9:00 - out of bath, dry, lotion up, jammies on
9:20 - Caden to bed
9:21 - more time with Quinn
10:30 - 11 - Bedtime!

Sound familiar anyone? Well, it might be without the in-laws for you ;)...sure is helpful some days!

Spell checker thinks poo isn't a word, its right, feces would be better. weird.


Tiffany said...

poo is way better. "Feces" is, oh I don't know, so fecal sounding. lol

Days are busy! Not to mention trying to fit in some housework on messy-house days. Kids sure keep a person hopping!

Q&L said...

oh yeah, as I was cleaning up lunch, i remembered, oh yeah, forgot 'cleaning up lunch' on the list, ha.

Patkau Life said...

didn't know you were living with your in laws.

Q&L said...

well, actually they're living with us, its good times really! I should blog about the fun times!