Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Obviously, I've been putting off this update. It's not the update I wanted to write, but its not about me, its not all about my wants.

After 4.5 days of straight underwear for Caden, we went back to diapers. Stopped potty training. We still tell Caden when we are going pee or poo, so he keeps learning about the consistency, but we don't ask him to go on the toilet. We're stopping for a month, 2 or 3 until he shows just a bit more "want" to go on the toilet. His toilet options are still in the washroom too, so that is a visible reminder. Every aspect of the 3 Day Potty Training program Caden was good with, except "wanting" to go pee or poo on the toilet. He understood it all. I found out he can hold his pee and poo for an awful long time, so the control is there. We both learned an awful lot, hoping Caden retains some of that knowledge for the next go-round.

The next go-round I plan to utilize the 3 Day technique again, straight underwear, positive, praiseful, tons of grace. (Again, I would not have had the patience and grace without God and the prayers of my family and friends, THANK YOU!) I believe in the 3 Day program still, maybe 3 days is unrealistic for some children, maybe 22 months is unrealistic for some children. Maybe the author of the program has a certain personality that worked in training her 5 children at that age, I don't know. I don't regret trying it, it taught all 3 of us in different ways.

And thanks to you who gave me reassurance that it was ok to stop the program and try again later (it tears me up, you are all sooo good!).

Last week also made me see, that although we know what is good for our child and really WANT him to do something, he has to have the want, the desire has to be his as well.

How blessed we are to have Caden, he is a supreme joy in our lives, love him!


Tiffany said...

Definitely not the end of the world! Sometimes I wonder about the 22 month thing too. It does seem kind of young, but there are people who do start it that early, so there's no harm in giving it a go!

Better luck next time!

Tiffany said...

BTW I used this method on Mitchell and he did really well, but I waited until he was 2.5. I don't think that I buy the theory that they get older and then know how to resist. I think it's something that's individual to each child.

Q&L said...

thanks Tiff. I agree, I also don't buy the theory that boys are harder to train, I think its individual to each child as well.

Tiffany said...

I know! People want to have blanket solutions that will cover every kid, and it just doesn't work. My boys were actually both easier than Jordan!