Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Caden's in a nap time now, allowed me some elliptical time and a quick update...

*Confidence..."when your hill is high and you're afraid to try, Confidence will take you up to the sky" lyrics from Caden's DVD we listened to this morning.
*Patience - my patience, i believe has been sustained by your prayers
*Grace - also offered tons of grace after mistakes, God grants us sooo much grace when we're learning, how can I not offer unlimited!

I certainly am not perfect at these traits, but God has offered me much help in these areas the last day and a half.

3 words that have struck a cord yesterday and today...I felt in my heart this morning, that this IS something Caden can do, I have MUCH confidence in him. I've gained confidence in myself to be able to do this as well.

Thanks for your prayers all, we're still in the thick of the training, Caden has not had a BM in a day and a half, so hoping he's not holding that in...9 pee accidents yest and 3 so far today. Nap time yest...no pee, overnight - he only peed around 6am in his bed, slept the whole night through!!

thanks for your continued prayers.


Candice said...

Go Caden! (and Lyla!!)

Hes said...

Hang in there, girl. It will happen with persistence.