Monday, August 8, 2011


This msg was a note I sent to a friend recently as we've been discussing prayer and growing in God, hope you don't mind ____ that I posted this as a blog :)

"If we truly love people, we will desire for them far more than it is within our power to give them, and this will lead us to prayer: Intercession is a way of loving others."—Richard J. Foster

Caden and I were outside the other morning, couple guys were installing park benches beside our apt bldg. one of the guys installing the park benches was native, long hair in a ponytail. An old guy (tenant) was chatting with him and Caden and I were hanging around watching them work. The native said that he gets judged easily, on the news when they describe someone who committed a crime, they'll say, Native, Long Hair, about 5'10"...he said that's all the guys in the North End! so he gets judged easily. He said he's not like the guys who are causing trouble, but he gets judged easily b/c of what they do. He grew up mostly with a white family he said, a German family, so he grew up differently, they loved him like their own.
Glad that those guys had that conversation, helped my eyes to be open even more.
Realizing lately loving 'random people' takes a lot of guts, at least for me. Being willing to say Hi and talk to people humbly. I have recently been praying for courage and no fear, so I can speak boldly on Christ's behalf. I think it's working...that quote speaks to me about LOVING people...I can use the excuse that I'm shy, but that's just an excuse and then I'm not willing to be used by God. I do desire loads more for people than I can give them (financially or personal attn), but I know God has the means to do so. So intercessory is also necessary.

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sunshine said...

Love it! Its so ironic the conversations that have come about on this topic lately. As a friend of mine kept saying to me the other day..."how can we deny Him? We can't!" You know how God stirs your heart? Its like a mini internal revival! Come back to your post when you feel deserted or resentful. You know we have valleys...but thank God he brings these eye opening experiences! Stay real Lyla! Love you guys.