Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Beginning?

Me, the main character, in this little tale called Life. I was reading a weekly article I receive thru FOF, you can read it here. While reading this, I thought how it pertained to my life over the last 5 or so familiar.

I quote:
"Take a lesson from Joe: While you're waiting for a happy ending, focus on what God wants to change in the life of the main character. (That would be you.) Maybe like Joe, you have some humble pie to choke down. Maybe you need to manage money better or mature in relationships. I have no idea — but odds are, your story involves some character development. Might as well get it out of the way now."

A few years ago, I came to the realization that my life required a few changes. Finances, the way I spent money, how I was perceived and how I perceived others, my lifestyle in regards to what I ate/exercise/care of myself (not in vanity, but according to God's commands), spirituality (how I worshipped), taking care of what God blessed me with (possessions). All these weren't immediate, they came at different times but within the same year or so. Also going through my head at this time, was whether or the unlikely event that I would meet someone worthy of my love (lol), and consider marrying; would I be prepared for that? The answer was no, so I needed to make some changes. I just didn't see myself as prepared - to take on such a big role. And make changes I did, inside and out. So, changes were made and now I feel that although one never stops learning, I am better prepared for change and accepting change in my life than I was 5 years ago.

To summarize, I do believe God was working in me, my character development and in my mind. What I've known for a few years now, is that; although your parents raised you how they thought best, it is up to you to make the changes in your life (in your early 20s)- that you see God wanting. Your parents can shape you only so much, then they (should) let you go, and you make decisions, you take decisive action and make change happen in your life according to what you feel is the lifestyle God wants you to take. If your parents raised you a certain way - that way might not necessarily fit according to your life now (current career, finances, even your marriage/relationship could be vastly different from that of your parents) and that may require change in you before and after.

I'm so thankful God worked on me through those formative years and I feel that the timing couldn't have been more impeccable. And not only for me - while He was shaping me, he's also working and shaping those around me...maybe even turning a frog into a Prince!


Mrs S said...

It truly is amazing how God can work simultaneously in people lives (and we are completely oblivious to it) and have the timing just right to merge lives together. And, although He knows its coming and how it will end, when we finally get a glimpse of it - its a complete revelation to us.

Anonymous said...

Grey? Interesting choice, but I must admit I liked the white better...

Anonymous said...

Is that heart sketchy for a reason?

Anonymous said...

Whose the frog?