Thursday, January 17, 2008

Would YOU buy my album?


See the above video and read on...

Love is blind...but thankfully I'm pretty honest with myself about my lack of talent in the music department, saves Quinn from being dishonest.
Quinn and I were watching this show (no, we don't watch on a regular basis, just like to watch the beginning auditions, so funny) and we watch this audition, so I pose the question to Quinn: Would you buy MY album? Secretly in my mind I'm hoping he'll say No, because if he poses the question to me I can be honest and say No too, without feeling bad.
Quinn looks at me, earnestly and says Yes I would, I said: really, you would buy my album?, then he says, Yea, I would buy the whole store! (As he's laughing.) But buying the whole store would be a good idea, save me from a lot of embarrasement.

Simon said in the video, he really loves her...this I'm not so sure of, if he really did, wouldn't he save her the embarrasement of national television and instead crush her dreams in the privacy of their own home?? Personally, that's what I'd prefer.

Be honest in love.


Tiffany said...

Lyla dear, not to be critical, but you HAVE to change the layout back! This whole centered-across-the-entire-screen thing is really really hard to read! I bet hundreds of people came here, were really overwhelmed, and then left without commenting!!

Just thought I'd throw that in there, lol.

Tiffany said...

he probably loves her lots and doesn't hear just how bad she sounds. i think love really is blind sometimes!

oh yeah, and if any of my friends made a CD i'd definitely buy one, i just wouldn't promise to listen to it. not that i'd tell them i wasn't gonna listen to it.

so go ahead and make a cd you two, i'll pick up a copy and i won't not listen to it!

Candice said...

Welcome back to blogging Lyla, we missed you!