Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Team

Listen, yeah, I cheer for the Leafs. You can stop laughing now - when the Leafs do end up in the playoffs and are hoisting Lord,no,no, you won't be laughing then, will you?
I don't really know what started me as a Leafs fan, I guess I really like the city of T.O. and I really like hockey, so it was a natural fit. Plus my younger brother likes hockey and I think he is still with the Leafs, so it's someone to watch the game with when we're actually at the same place on a Saturday night.
This glorious team happened to be in my town for an exhibition game this week and as I don't have a lot of friends who are hockey fans and tickets were pricey for Winnipeg, I didn't go. I did however let the guys in my office know I would be cheering for the Leafs regardless if I was there or not. The Leaf trampling ensued for about the next hour and into the next day. A few comments:
"Lyla are u drunk?"

"You need professional HELP....."

"Clear the track, The leafs belong in a shack"

"Don't bother going to the game b/c I already know what's going to happen..............
1 period. leafs let in 10 goals blame it on the bright lights of the area.
2 period Sundin has a heart attack trying to lift that big bag of money the Leafs are paying him over the boards...he'll be back next season....15% pay raise.
3 period John Ferguson Jr. gives up on the leafs becomes manger for the Charlestown Chiefs. "

"The LEAFS are gay"

"The Leafs will be turning color now to a bright yellow, and fall under the feet of all."

"It's fall - the leafs are wilting already"

Needless to say, I got quite the razzing and I've summed it up to the fact that, they are afraid. very afraid. These guys are on the defense, worried about what the Leafs could do this season. I'd be worried too if I wasn't already a Leafs fan.

They truly are lucky I'm still working after all that or the fact that I could hold it against them and NEVER bring carrot cake into work again, oh, that would be a sad day...
Regardless, it's been a good week at work and I'm grateful for almost rolling out of my chair laughing after being verbally 'checked' over and over.


Tiffany said...

Poor poor Lyla. You should threaten to report them for emotional abuse. If it makes you feel any better, I'll cheer for the leafs with you. Want to know why? No? Okay I'll tell you!
1. Because they're Canadian.
2. Blue is my favorite colour.

That pretty much sums it up. Don't think that helps much.

roverT said...

Did you say you were a hockey fan and a leafs that's a paradox if I ever heard one.