Monday, September 17, 2007

My Kids

The pic is by no means all the kids, just a few pics that I had around.

So, over the past year or two, I've come to really appreciate other people's kids. I can't imagine being a parent (lets be honest, its a lot of work), and why have your own when there are an abundance of sweet ones around? Between my close friends and family with young kids and babies, I have been blessed in being surrounded by them.

Let me tell you about Jordan, Jordan is 2 years old, we're great friends, she calls me Yiya, she thinks the food off my plate will taste better than her own and there's no better way to have dinner than sitting on my lap (her food or my food). Every time she sees me I get a BIG hug and when her parents give her trouble and I'm in the house, she cries yi-ya in between sobs, believing I will agree her parents never let her do anything and she did nothing to deserve punishment. Her cute round face and blond curly hair are a clever disguise for a very smart little girl full of stubborn will.

Jamin is another friend of mine, he is nearing 3 and is generally passive and quiet except when Jordan is in his personal space. He does not have room in his life for random foolishness and I'm sure he considers reason even before jumping off the kiddie table. He says Why about 300 times a day even when disciplined he follows with the question 'why?'. He truly wants to know and I can't imagine the knowledge he retains in one day.

Then there is Arman (6) and Amman (4). My cousins, who live in ON. I've been out to visit them a few times and these boys both love skin, let it be said. I remember them being younger and loving the booty! It was soo cute. Even now, skin is showing - legs, stomach, Amman is on it. Wearing shorts he would cling to your legs, actually hugging them, or if you were just sitting watching TV, all of a sudden, he'd sneak his little hands under your shirt, onto your belly. I'm laughing as I'm writing this, will he grow out of it soon??... Arman is older now, but Amman still sneaks onto your lap to sit and cuddle, he's rambunctious and care-free at times, then so tender in others, he touches your face with his little hands and soaks up the love and I love it too!

Then Saskatchewan - Taylor, Marissa, Emily, Spencer, Cydney, Selena, Chantelle, Zandria and my nephew Conner. Marissa is 10 I think, smart girl, since she was young she's acted older than she was. She's good with babies, can cook and bake stuff, she's a little mama. Now, we chat online, I help her with homework, it's so great! Taylor and Em are pretty quiet (at least I thought so) Spence makes up for all 4, wild little monkey and says the strangest things! Cydney and Selena have amazing amounts of energy, spunk, spark, I love their spirits, their smiles, I miss those big, big grins.

Then the babies, Zandria, who also is an independent little monkey - don't hold me, let me crawl! Always smiling, except when she's hungry - you can't get the food ready fast enough.
And Baby Conner, the first grandchild for both his grandparents is seeing a lot of love. Still a little baby, eating, sleeping and smiling. Can't wait for him to start chatting, we can have little convosation! let the fun begin!

I have no desire to become a teacher to kids or work in a daycare, those both require discipline and structure, that's not what I like about kids - I like the spontaneity, their free spirits and showing them unconditional love. I want the best for them, but mostly I want them to know they're loved. I like how Mark put it when the children came to Jesus: And He took them up in His arms, put His hands on them, and blessed them. Mark 10:16.

Never fear spoiling children by making them too happy. Happiness is the atmosphere in which all good affections grow. - Thomas Bray

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