Thursday, January 6, 2011

little character

When Caden wants a book read to him and I am on the couch, he'll pass me the book then try to get on or make noises so I will help him up to read the book to him.

Just started signing after months of trying to get him there. (persistance pays off!!!) He'll sign Please and More, we're working on Thank You and Drink.

We bought him mega blocks for Christmas, after a couple weeks of destroying what we build or taking apart blocks, he's starting to build his own, so cute to watch his attentiveness.

We have a puppy living across the hallway, when it barks Caden goes to our door and listens closely, then barking back "whoo, whoo, whoo".

The Music! He's such a music guy. He likes having some kind of music playing, if nothing is on, he'll bring the remote to me, and telling me in his babble to turn it up. When we drive he does much better in his seat if there is music on. The vehicle is always running when we go out to it, so the music is on when he's put in his seat, which is helpful, he'll start bobbing his head to music and be preoccupied with it while I buckle him in. At Grandparents Zacks at Christmas, they had they're cd player on a tv tray, with a little stool beside it - didn't take him long to figure out where Play was, he'd climb on the stool, press Play and start swaying.

The Swaying: When music is on, he'll stand at the entertainment unit and sway from side to side, these are his dance moves. Lately he'll also sway to other noise. If the dishwasher is running, and he happens to be in the area, he'll stand and sway to the noise.

The Vacuum: Caden has liked the vacuum cleaner for some time, he'll follow us around the house as we vacuum, sometimes he'll gather the cord and pull it closer to the unit (maybe he's seen me do that for Quinn). He'll sometimes sway to the sound of vacuum too.

Just some of the cute things Caden is up to!


Ange said...

So cute! Kids really seem to love music. It's like they were born to dance!

Q&L said...

ya, its true, my sisters baby is the same way and he's a newbie, start 'em young :)