Thursday, November 4, 2010


In 3 days we will be moving to a new home, a new apartment home. Since finding out early this week that we would get to move this weekend, I've been excited. Excited with the prospect of a new place for many reasons. Now its sinking in that we will be living alone, no more help and that closeness with my in-laws and Caden's grandparents.

It has been a wonderful experience. Not surprisingly, each time I told someone we were currently living with my in-laws, their jaws dropped and this worried look covered their face. They showed surprise that for me and us, it has been a really great experience. It's only with Christ-like love within them and us (probably more them) that a living situation like this is possible.

Surely, my in-laws must have at times wondered at a decision I made or shook the inside of their head :) at me. Out of the 4 of us adults in this small place, I'm the messiest. I willingly admit; I'm not super organized, I leave the dishes a little too long sometimes and I'm sort've a messy cook. It's definitely made me step it up in notch - even so, I don't know if I succeeded in bettering myself.

With babysitting, its tough to find the time to clean your house or prep dinner with ease, having them here in the evenings gave me the time to cook dinner ALONE. We made the agreement that I would cook dinner during the week, they clean up dinner and they cook on the weekends. Dad would come home first from the workday, he would entertain Caden and I could just cook. It's SO satisfying to do something completely and well within that hour, it really made me feel efficient again and I love that feeling of cooking a good meal.

Caden loves the entertainment and love he gets from them. I think he'll miss it. :(

What a great period of time its been, if I said I wasn't emotional about it, I would be lying. If God has shown me something in this period of life, its been how to love unconditionally. I know so many people struggle with in-law relationships. Thankfully for me, its not so. The way they've accepted me and been so gracious with my's real love is what it is.

Mom, I don't know if you still read my blog, you already know how appreciative I am, and I hope we see lots of you and Dad still.

Could God be preparing us for something more?? ;)


Candice said...

Congrats on the new place! Moving is always exciting... And a work load.

And God is always preparing us for something more, because if not, what's the point?

sunshine said...

That's so wonderful that you had this chance to develop such a good relationship with Quinn's parents! And are you hinting that God is preparing you for someone more??? haha just kidding, unless you're not :)
God bless your new home Lyla!!!

Q&L said...

funny, funny Bethy!! miss ya!

Hes said...

As soon as you get settled in your new place, we want to see pictures. So exciting.