Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brain foods

I'm in no way an expert...these are just my thoughts and observations right now...

I sometimes reference Dr. Sears (pedetrician) website...I thought this was a great bit of info from him on "brain foods", helpful to me when deciding what the family eats.

I've been thinking about discipline and children lately, last week I had a conversation with my sister about it, I said then, "I think there is a huge connection with how kids behave and what goes in them, particularly processed sugars, discipline might be a little easier if Junior is not hopped up on sugar"...Dr. Sears confirmed:

Over my thirty years in pediatric practice, I have noticed a striking connection between how children are fed and how healthy they are. Mothers who consistently don't allow any unhealthy food to pollute the minds and bodies of their children seem to have healthier children. I have noticed that these children are sick less often, and when they do come for periodic checkups they seem more settled and better behaved. These "pure children" seem to get tagged with fewer labels, such as "ADD" or "learning disabilities." Even when these children do warrant such tags, they seem to cope better with behavioral and learning differences, and they seem less severe. These moms have made a believer out of me. I truly believe that there is a connection between how kids are fed and how they act and learn. "


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