Friday, April 9, 2010

little notes...

We're working on getting Caden's passport, I got his picture done last week, then today I looked at the instructions for pictures which states "child must be neither smiling, nor frowning and mouth must be closed". Caden is not smiling or frowning, but his mouth is open. How do you tell a 6 month old to close their mouth?! I hope they're not too fussy on that point.
Caden is starting to eat food. He's been against some foods like prunes, pears and peaches, at least on their own. Yesterday morning I gave him oat cereal mixed with peaches, which he was ok with. In the evening he eats pureed steamed carrots, which he loves!
Caden got a cold/runny nose on Monday, which he lovingly shared with me. I think Caden's is getting better now, although still sneezing and runny nose. He hates the wiping nose part, although when he does get mad while I'm wiping his nose, his frustration helps the junk come out, so I don't feel as bad. Me? I think this morning is the worst I've felt all week, I hope this is the peak and gets better from here.
Caden was weighed by my sister at my parents place Easter weekend, he is 20 lbs. I met a nurse this week who said her 14 month old daughter is 24 lbs. Solid little boy we have, unbelievable to me that they can grow like that on breastmilk, just amazes me!!
Caden is now napping, I'm going to try napping too...adios.


Tiffany said...

He's only 5 pounds behind Mitchell, and Mitchie is 20 months old! lol

Q&L said...

he's starting real food now, so maybe he'll slow down...i don't