Friday, April 23, 2010

Frustrated as

This post is about poo, to make it a little more entertaining, I'm giving you, the reader, the privelege of using your favorite word for poo in the "blank" field.

What's more fun than (blank) , really??!

Well, Caden's (blank)ing or lack thereof is really starting to get the best of me. Since we started him on solids, about a month ago, there have been serious lack of (blank) .

I went to the Dr earlier this week, she doesn't seem to concerned, the only thing she said to me was to give him water during the day. Issue! Caden hasn't taken too well to drinking water, none-the-less from a bottle.

Right now, well for the last 10 minutes he's been spending time in his jumperoo, or as its otherwise called - "his favorite (blank)ing spot". He's been very busy straining and grunting.

I get so frustrated watching him work so hard to (blank) !!

I'm nearly at my wits!


Q&L said...

ah, sweet success of multiple (blank)y diapers!! Switched to peas for supper and instead of prunes, gave him Mott's Blueberries for breakfast with peaches. The only blueberries I've found that don't have sugar in them. Why does Gerber add sugar to their blueberries and call it "dessert"? Does my 6 month old need dessert?! I don't think so. Thank you Jesus for giving me this knowledge and helping Caden's BM's increase. :)

Ange said...

Glad to hear he's (blank)ing better now! :) Jamin used to have such a difficult time doing that too, he would cry, it was awful. It gets better.

Q&L said...

Thanks for the reassurance Ange!!

Patkau Life said...

Well he is still breast fed right, well I didn't experience this so much cause I had to stop so soon, but I have had friends where there breast fed babies don't go for like 2 weeks and when it does happens it is not soft. That is because the baby is taking absolutly everything out of the milk. There is nothing bad in breast milk so when they get bigger they just take it all in and use it. So they have nothing to poo.
The other thing that Elias did not like what rice cereal. No wait he liked it fine his bowels did not. He got so bad. I even tried the no iron one and it was a bit better, but not good enough. He just ate veggies and fruit. Lots of fruit until he was regular and then mostly veggies. All home made.
With the bottle thing, different nipples could do the trick, if not try a cup. He doesn't need to be able to hold it to use it or like it better than a bottle and you can do milk in a cup too. I have a friend that has had the same problem.

Q&L said...

i agree, with breastfeeding and being 6 months old, he is using absolutely all of it! which is great. i just get worried when he doesn't poo for 7 days, you know?! rice cereal i stopped using too, that stuff is potent and you told me about low iron a while back, but I've never seen it avail in the stores, where do you buy it?
We just bought him a cup on the weekend, so gonna try the sippy cup today. Thanks Ness.

Patkau Life said...

Again. 7 days is not abnormal. My friends dr. got a little worried when 3 weeks went by. The doc said that a week is normal for breat fed. Don't worry so much, God is in control and Caden would mood will let you know when something is wrong.

Tiffany said...

Wanna know what the best is? When they're in the exersaucer and have a big soft one (or diarrhea) and because they're sitting so heavily in the 'saucer the (blank) has nowhere to go but out the legs and up the back.

Oh the joys.

And I'm not a big juice advocate, but anytime any of mine have been horribly gassy, or the poo isn't moving as fast as I'd have liked I'd give a bottle with a juice/water mixture - doesn't have to be much juice, probably 1/3 juice, 2/3 water, and they'd suck it back because they'd like the sweetness of it and all that liquid would help woosh out the poo! But then mine never went 7 days either. Good luck!

Q&L said...

yeah, i've been leary of the juice, my health nurse was really against the idea ?? But on the internet that is very suggested as well. I might get to that point. See what happens this week, once again we're on day 3 of no poo.
He soaked up pureed mango today, he loved it, apparently some fiber goodness in them. see if that helps.

Patkau Life said...

Just remember that with fiber you need water other wise it will only get worse.

Tiffany said...

That's because as much as juice is marketed as part of the fruit food group, it's actually junk food. All the nutrition is leached out while they process it, leaving mostly sugar. Sure, they try to add vitamins back in, but it's not the same.

However, the sugar makes it yummy, encouraging bunged up babies to suck it down (even when WAY watered down) and flush out the system!