Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Been gone too long, this week I've been thinking in terms of one line updates on our life, on I'll try and remember some of them.

- making broccoli cheese soup today. A lot of pressure, as my husband's fav, fav, FAV soup is Moxie's version of broc cheese, if this fails, I guess we're back to spending $6 a bowl for soup, I do agree their soup is mighty good.

- Caden is starting to regularly scream, this is hard on our ears. Yesterday I had one crazy headache, ouch. He's also learning to sit, I sit him inside the nursing pillow on his playmat on the floor. I love it when he falls over, he lands on his belly, like a little whale...and he always seems to keep his face from hitting the floor, very graceful at falling over. We've been walking outside in this gorgeous weather.

- Speaking of gorgeous weather, its stinkin hot in our apartment already. You would think seeing as we live on the main floor, corner unit, we would have cold issues. Nope, haven't had the heat on in almost 2 weeks, and all winter we only had the thermastat's at 18 - its hot in here. I've been in shorts and tanks around the house and I usually don't put a lot of clothes on Caden when we're at home. Very close to turning on the AC. All our windows are south facing, so days when there is a North wind, we don't get a lot of air in here either. I am thankful for the weather however.

- Went out for coffee with one of my friends yesterday (Tim's across the street). On my way home, I noticed 2 of our building neighbour ladies outside on one of their patios. They both have babies, so the 3 babies incl. Caden, were all born within 1 month of each other! Crazy, hey?! It's pretty neat. We had a little chat, that's the first time we've all met with babies. I hope there is more opportunities to hang out now that nice weather is here...I think it could be fun, they're really nice. (I found out the 2 neighbour ladies are related, that's why they hang together frequently).

- A good link for this day honoring St. Patrick (link from my FB friend Phil)

- ooohhh, in other news: I am going to be an AUNTIE again!! Yes, my baby sister, Loretta and her husband Paul are expecting for October. Haha, kind've a repeat of Caden, due in October. I'm excited!

- Lent and Chocolate/Juice - in the middle of the Lent season. It feels like I've just become used to not eating chocolate or drinking juice. Sometimes its not even an option so it doesn't go through my mind or give me a reminder. So, while I can appreciate the "lent" idea, I don't think these couple of items absent from my consumption over 40 days are going to really make the difference in my relationship with the Father. I'm glad this has brought to my attention now, rather than at the end of 40 days and I want to change my heart daily, continually, rather than "waiting" for a reminder from chocolate or juice. I'm thankful Quinn and I have been taking in a video series on prayer, we're still in the middle of it, it's a long one, 5 parts, about an hour each. It's been such an awakening to how I pray and how I listen.

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