Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bad Experience

One of the last things to switch over to my married name was a credit card. Back in April I called the cc company and asked them to change my name and also issue a card for my husband under the same account. I was required to fax them a signed letter and marriage certificate to make these changes, which I did. About a month later, in May, Quinn and I received our new cards. I tried to call the number to activate my new card, but it seemed to already be activated when I went through the prompts. When I went to buy Quinn a birthday present, (in order to avoid him seeing a transaction on our bank card), I thought I would use my credit card as he wouldn’t see those transactions for about a week. At the store I presented the card and it came up declined (how embarrassing, don’t know what the cashier thought of me, “it has a $0 balance, it’s a new card!”)

Anyway, I thought then that maybe it hadn’t properly been authorized since getting the new card. I forgot about calling them to activate until the beginning of July. Around this time I also noticed my online login to view my account wasn’t working either. So I called and asked what the issue was, they transferred me to the Security department. The guy looked into my account and online login and said “Your account has been closed.”

“WHAT?!” “how can my account be closed?”
“You will have to call back during regular hours to speak to an agent”
“But who closed my account??!!” I was quite frustrated!
“You will have to call back between 8-5 to speak with an agent”.
Fine. That poor agent...

A couple days later I call the “regular agent”. I explain that Security told me my card has been closed and I would like to know how and why.
“Oh, I’ll transfer you to Security department”
“No. No” I said. “You will not transfer me, I already talked to them, they said I had to talk to you. Who authorized closing my credit account”
“Just one moment” HOLD
“Mrs. Bogusky, your account has been closed, in order to open it, you will need to re-apply”
“What?!, who closed it? I did not authorize my account to be closed?”
“Just one moment” HOLD
“Mrs. Bogusky, your account has been closed, we don’t have any other records.”
“I made a name change to my account and asked for a card for my husband, which we received”
“Yes, I see that you sent us all the legal documents”
“OK, and after that who closed my account”
“I don’t see that, there is no record beyond that. If you want to open your account, you will need to re-apply.”
“Why do I have to re-apply? I didn’t close my account.”
“Just one moment” HOLD
“Mrs. Bogusky, yes, you will need to re-apply to open your account”
“I’m very disappointed in your service, you make sure to tell your supervisor how disappointed I am”
“I have been a cardholder for more than 5 years and always maintained good credit, right now the card has a $0 balance and PC Financial closed it on me. I am very, very disappointed in your service. Be sure to tell your manager this.”
“I will not be re-applying for your card, nor will I recommend your credit card to anyone, be sure to let your manager know.”

I was quite frustrated. I probably should have talked to a manager, but clearly by putting me on hold, she was discussing it with her superiors, so I didn’t see much point. Of course I don’t want to re-apply, that would mean my credit getting hit with an inquiry, why would I want that?

We don’t need the credit card, we simply like to have a MC and VISA, for emergency purposes. We’ll be watching for new Mastercard promos with a different vendor.

Tiffany, remember you, Steven and I applied for these cards at Superstore about 6ish years ago. We got a free bag of Chocolate Chunk cookies, they were good cookies and of course as students we couldn’t pass it up.

I have a feeling that in the process of changing my name on the card and issuing a duplicate card for Quinn, my account was inadvertently closed. However, that’s not my fault, if they had done the right thing, they would have re-instated my account without having to re-appply. The kicker...I actually had a credit on the account of $0.69, did I get 69 cents mailed back to me when they closed the account? - NO!

So, in conclusion, dear friends, I would not recommend the PC Financial Mastercard.


Ange said...

I'm frustrated for you.

I collect airmiles on my cc. If you're looking for a card with rewards, that's a good one to have.

Candice said...
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Candice said...

I have a cc that collects airmiles too, a very nice bonus, with BMO (fantastic bank - I've *never* had to wait until business hours for anything. Just call them, you eventually get a person to talk to at any hour on any day. And the best part? They are all capable of answering questions, authorizing, etc.)

Sonya said...

I just got a PC MC. I didn't realize I was applying for a mastercard when they stopped me in Superstore. I asked "is this just a points card?" and they assured me it was. I've since received the MC in the mail and have no intention of activating it because we already have 2 credit cards. Doesn't sound like a great company to deal with anyway.
We have a citi bank MC. It give you 1% towards a vehicle, new or used. A few years back we bought a used SUV and recieved a cheque from them for $600. Right up my alley!

Tiffany said...

That would make me mad!!!

At least the cookies were good...

Q&L said...

Yeah, we're thinking about an Air Miles MC, I think BMO is one of the only one that offers it now. Westjet used to.
Sorry Sonya... :) I didn't mind getting points on the credit card, with the points you could get free groceries at Superstore. I can't remember how many points per dollar now.