Friday, July 24, 2009


I do the majority of the cooking/baking in our home. My husband frequently handles breakfast on the weekends, is great at hosting and great at cleaning up after the party...sooo efficient. He also frequently fills and cleans out the dishwasher.

On my days off when I'm home alone and I decide to bake or cook dinner, I'm reminded of Quinn. How am I reminded of Quinn? Well, besides the fact we text a lot, Quinn leaves little reminders of him in our kitchen.

When we moved into our first apartment, I unpacked the kitchen, sorted the cupboards, it was a smaller kitchen than what we have now, so Quinn was quite familiar with the location of all the various cooking tools and dinnerware.

Earlier this year we moved into our second apartment together, Quinn's Mom graciously unpacked the majority of our kitchen. She asked if I wanted to tell her where everything went, I said "No, thanks" and gave her full discretion as to where all the dishes would go (I was unpacking other things). It didn't take me long to become familiar with the new kitchen as I'm in those cupboards a little more than Quinn.

So Quinn, my love, takes a little more time to familiarize with the placement of the dishes, fun for me because I get to find random dishes in random spots in the cupboards...

And each time I do, I love it, I smile, I laugh and think of him.

Love you Quinn, the most helpful, attentive husband! XO

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Candice said...

lol, that's us too!
Whenever I find something in an odd spot I smile, because I know Tom must of helped unload the dishwasher.

I guess we have to remember, it's at those moments that we have a choice:
1) to love our husbands and smile
2) be upset because "he obviously doesn't help enough, because he doesn't even know where something goes!!"