Friday, January 23, 2009


My last few posts have been a little on the serious side...even though I enjoy humour and love to laugh - when I'm writing, somehow serious is easier. Likely due to the fact I avoid being vulnerable. So, here goes...

Some of you may know, I work out from time-to-time. I kinda ;) took a year off while Quinn and I were dating and our engagement. I started again a month before Christmas, took a month off over Christmas and now back at 'er. I enjoyed the workout from the start, sometimes it almost seems easy while I'm doing it, the next day my body tells a different story as it creaks rolling out of bed.

Even tho I've worked with this video for a while now, one set of reps nearly kills me...
This workout video is approx 33 mins long, at about the 27th minute, the instructor tells you, we're going down for a little ab workout.

Ok, I pull out my mat and follow instruction: Lie on your back, bring your legs up, cross your ankles over one another. Now, bring your arms up, with your fingers folded in your palm (not clenched), keep your wrists close to each other, with your hands just in front of your forehead, elbows pointing to your knees. Now, bring your head up, shoulders off the floor, your arms and forehead in the direction of your legs (which are in the air). Now, proceed to do 4 slowish reps bringing your upper body (arms incl), to your knees. On the 4th rep, hold!! your upper body to your knees (keep your abs tight, breathe!)...after about 5 secs, rep fast 8 times to your knees, go back down for not even a second, back up, slow rep 4 times, hold on the 4th, quickly 8 reps to your knees. (after the first full rep my abs shriek in horror at the maliciousness of what I just put them through). I believe she goes through this whole rep 4 times, altho I've never made it through that sequence of brutality.

Sigh, my abs are clenched just thinking about it. Remember, this is done close to the end of my workout, just before the cool down. And you hear her holler out in excitement, "Are you feeling this? Hang in there." Nope, not feeling a thing??!!?? Quinn! please call the ambulance! Quinn glances over from the computer desk and goes back to his work, knowing it's something I want to do and an intervention will not bode well for him.

I encourage you to give this a try, let me know how it goes, maybe after you've worked out for 1/2 hour already.

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician or health care professional before performing any new exercise, exercise technique or beginning any new diet -- particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, elderly, or if you have any chronic or recurring conditons. Any application of the techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this document is at the reader's sole discretion and risk.

p.s. in case you were hoping to find more seriousness on this blog...I read this earlier today on Creationism, nothing to blog about, its all laid out already... just read if you are so inclined.


Tiffany said...

Weiner. lol.

I've been treadmilling in a big way. Yay running! Since Christmas has been hard, it's funny how something can totally knock you off the track and how hard it is to get rolling again. A couple more pounds of baby weight to go!

Good luck with your abs!

Candice said...

I started my aerobics (Step 'n Tone) class last week and it was *amazing*!!! People always say they feel great after workouts, but man, I felt GREAT! A complete different mind set after. I can't wait until next week's class!!! But I, too, can't do all the things they ask of us :)