Sunday, January 18, 2009

List of 86

  1. I like ironing
  2. I like my kitchen
  3. I like baking more than cooking
  4. cooking creatively in the context of a full-time job takes a lot of effort
  5. considering our house only operates with a fridge freezer for now
  6. that should mean we cook more with fresh food, which is good too
  7. I like icy squares
  8. I made puffed wheat cake for the first time since Quinn and I have been together, he really liked it
  9. he also really likes fudge brownies
  10. I guess we both have a sweet tooth
  11. it’s dangerous to my health
  12. we enjoy hosting
  13. I like planning ‘the big meal’ and it can take a lot of time
  14. My Mom says “don’t worry about the food”, just as long as people are together
  15. The end result is fun
  16. people are leaving Manitoba
  17. our friends are going to Sudan for 4 months
  18. They will live in a hut, in a village, with hopefully not too many rats
  19. they will be immersed in missionary life
  20. I might work out soon
  21. I have a good work out video
  22. if I stay with it for more than a month at a time, I know I would see great results
  23. I need to firm up
  24. Summer is coming
  25. We need camping gear
  26. we don’t have much storage space
  27. we could set up a tent full time in our living room
  28. how entertaining would that be??
  29. we could play games in it when our friends come over
  30. we bought some new games
  31. Ticket to Ride (Germany) and Jungle Speed
  32. Quinn’s Mom put a dent in their wall when we played Jungle Speed
  33. We laughed a lot
  34. We also got the game Canasta and Racko at Christmas time
  35. Racko is not a game of strategy, mostly chance…once Quinn discovered this, he started winning and I came in 2nd a lot
  36. I should go make my daily tea latte, 1 part water, 2 parts milk…and a little bit of sugar
  37. It’s a good idea to set up a TFSA account -you can save money, earn interest, take it out if you want to - or transfer it into your regular RRSP account if you wish - once its in your RRSP, you don’t want to take it out, it’s a lot of taxes
  38. we need it to warm up a bit here so we can go skating on the river, maybe this weekend
  39. we went skating at my sister’s small town rink last Sat, it was fun
  40. except when Quinn lost his wedding ring, it fell off as he took his gloves off
  41. there was fresh snow on the rink, my family helped us look for it, Quinn went to check if he had maybe lost it in the shack
  42. I prayed we would find it, Quinn came out and started looking, found it right away, YAY!
  43. Loretta & Paul left this week for California
  44. Going to do construction work with Mennonite Disaster Service for a week
  45. They have 2 horses, they said we could come over and ride sometime
  46. each family has their own ‘culture’ we talked about last night with friends
  47. creating your own culture as husband and wife
  48. Recognizing a culture is important here as well as in a foreign country
  49. Quinn and I meet for lunch during the week whenever possible…so most days
  50. Who knows how long either of us will work this close to each other, we don’t take it for granted
  51. I had a song by Skillet in my head, I don’t know the name of it
  52. I started making pasta salad with veg, real ham and cheese for lunch
  53. now I have the song Mighty to Save in my head
  54. Quinn’s parents gave us some clementines they had bought at Costco, they are so tasty
  55. Our Christmas tree is still up…I like Christmas trees, plus it was Ukrainian Christmas last week, so we’re still within ‘one week’ of Christmas day
  56. Our office might be moving…from the 5th floor to the 15th floor of our building – we are being forced out of our suite by our neighbors, the CRA…they want our land…something the government is familiar with doing ;)
  57. we don’t mind, that means we get entirely new redesigned office space…if the company can afford it
  58. I still need to get our honeymoon pics developed and put them in an album
  59. I really liked Vancouver Island, what a beautiful place
  60. and Quinn and I both like seafood, oh it was delicious, if you want to know where to eat good seafood on the island (or where the bad restaurants are), just let us know. OH! Salmon!
  61. I am almost done changing my name everywhere, I have my Mastercard left, which we want to make ‘our’ Mastercard
  62. our fish’ name is Jackson II
  63. I like antipasto on crackers with vegetable cream cheese
  64. I also like pickled Dill Asparagus spears, even better wrapped in soft tortilla with herb cream cheese
  65. Ecclesiastes 8:15 is a good verse
  66. my father-in-law has a vast home library of Christian literature, I think it would be good for me to tap into it, if he lets me
  67. I am a little older than my husband
  68. My husband, his father and his grandfather all married women higher in age than them.
  69. When I was 26, my Grandma was not yet 70
  70. I have never broken any bones in my body or had any type of surgery
  71. I have 20/20 vision
  72. In a span of 8 years, I purchased 3 vehicles
  73. I’m supposed to be on a 4 day work week as part of a cost-saving initiative by our company, however there is too much work to reduce my work week at this time, maybe in February
  74. We don’t own a coffee maker, only a Bodum (French press)…much to my father’s dismay
  75. The other day I had a SEMG and Thermography scans on my spine, I had a lot of subluxation according to the chiropractor, I think she said my neck vertebrae were the worst she’d seen. Subluxation (misalignment): A problem in the spine where abnormal position of the vertebrae disturbs communication of the Nervous System causing disturbance in the body.
  76. Much like an MRI without radiation…the chiropractor now has a technical way to verify what she felt in my spine.
  77. We still have Christmas chocolate, I think I eat one a day, 2 on the odd day
  78. my phone number includes my name
  79. this list has been a 5 day task, therefore the numbers in 83 and 84 are skewed
  80. I would rather be writing a blog
  81. I really want to post pictures too, it’s a fair amount of work, b/c I compress them before I post them
  82. We were rear-ended last week, but we’re ok and the vehicle seems to be without a scratch too, although we will have it inspected.
  83. I have been married for 110.5 days
  84. For Quinn and I to celebrate our 60th in 2068, you would need to times 110 days by 200 = 22000 days, divide it by 365 = 60 years…minus a few days
  85. The only Math class I did well in was Consumer
  86. this is a list of 86 things about me, my family, friends and surroundings. You may have been amused, annoyed or ambivalent…now Go, do something ;)


Candice said...

"Higher in age" that's funny.

Tiffany said...

She's alive! She's alive!!


Nobody REALLY likes puffed wheat cake.

I almost had a heart attack when you said Quinn lost his wedding ring. I even did the "gaspy" thing!

I was just talking about your pickled asparagus the other day. When you whipped those out that time at your place I was quite nervous. Then I ate one. It was delicious!

Thanks for playing - now get the rest of the list done!