Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy One Month Baby!

Quinn and I celebrated our one month wedding anniversary, obviously on October 27th! Quinn built me a FIRE! We went over to St. Vital park, after driving through the park (literally, to find a fire pit in the darkness, we drove 'in' and 'through'), we found a pit, had a raging hot fire and roasted smores.

(above) see smores in tinfoil

This was a 10 second timed pic...I raced around the fire to get to Quinn...that's why I look frazzled :) We also got Tim's in the Thermos!

Quinn, my husband and best friend, I love you.


Tiffany said...

I remember the days without kids, and the late night fires and stuff!
Happy One Month!

Candice said...

Yay Quinn, took my campfire food advice!

Q&L said...

i know Candice, I was thinking of your advice as I was writing.

Quinn Bogusky said...

I love you too baby:)

Your the best!!!!!!!


Ange said...

Happy 1 month!