Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas & Ten Thousand Villages

I don't if any of you are avid shoppers of this store. I love going and don't get there enough. I was telling Quinn a couple weeks back, my next pack of coffee beans will be from there (right now there is no coffee in the house and this is troublesome).

Years ago when I lived on Pembina I would be over there more often. I remember some Christmas's ago I was in there and spotted their Nativity scenes. I told myself then, "self - when you have a home and/or family, you will attain a set". Time??

I checked online and found this one pictured for a FAIR asking price of $150.00. Remember - these are all fair trade products. The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has partnered with these artisans to ensure they get fair value for their hard work and ensure them a sustainable future.

Ten Thousand VillagesDid you know?

Not sure if those are wisemen pictured...however, the wisemen did not actually visit Jesus as a baby in the 'manger' (Luke 2), they would have visited Him when he was under 2 years old and probably over 1. (The wise men's journey could have taken a year or more...?) It would have been when Jesus was under 2 because Herod had all the children who were 2 and under killed. They visited Jesus in a 'house' as Matthew 2 states. This was never clarified to me in Sunday School, only found out recently (thanks to you Quinn!).


Tiffany said...

Did you know that the bible also never says that there were "3" wisemen?

Q&L said...

true too...they're not sure how many wisemen there were.

Ange said...

Happy Birthday Lyla! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Candice said...

Happy B-day girl!!

Q&L said...

Thanks Ladies! What a humbling day!