Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ok, one month & only 8 days. Last night I went and got my purple, poofy :) wedding dress fitted for alterations...oh, I like it, so pretty.
The dress came with an optional bow...but I'll give that to Candice, I know she would appreciate it...and it will look pretty pinned to the rear of her dress :)

Quinn wrote a to-do list yesterday with about 15 items on it...it's not that bad, we think we're in a good place as far as preperations go.

I.AM.MOVING!!! I'm super pumped. Quinn went through his bedroom this last weekend, so he is ready to move for the end of Sept. Just needs to throw his clothes in boxes and away he goes. We are likely to get the keys for the new place this weekend. More importantly...we have yet to sublet my current apartment. We have 3 showings this week so far, so please pray that something will develop from them.

This afternoon we're making final arrangements with our florist and then ceremony planning in advance of our meeting with Pastor Ron...pray that that goes well and through it - God will be glorified.

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