Friday, August 1, 2008

More Reading, more learning…

Things happen…sometimes for a reason. Last night, I made a child-like mistake and touched the stove element before checking if it was on. I managed to only burn the tips of 2 of my fingers. As a result plans for our dance lesson were cancelled.

Probably good that we didn’t go to our dance lesson in waste, because we were supposed to have our first dance song ready and we hadn’t managed to find one in time. So, Quinn and I had dinner at my place then decided to go to his parents to use their fast internet to look for music.

Now…onto the exciting find!! While there, Quinn decided to show me some of his memory boxes. The Book Collection - outstanding! A while back, Quinn’s parents had mentioned Quinn’s extensive book collection - they collected over his childhood. Quinn, in his early days was an avid reader, so his parents collected a small library for him. Children’s books, through to Junior High, then teen books, then devotionals to young man books (don’t know what else to call them). So when children do come visit, we have hours of entertainment! Kids book like, Critters, counting, kids Bible stories, Odyssey, Curious George, Babar, Clifford and many more. So fabulous!

Quinn sold the majority of his textbooks from Providence, but still has some of the Bible textbooks; Quinn gave me one on Intro to Christianity. I’ve had a lot of learning in the last few years through the church and obviously God’s direction - these have been the most scripturally educational years of my life. We can learn so much if we open our minds and hearts to it and I think the books are going to be really good for me…now if only Quinn could find me the papers he wrote on the books. .. I love reading papers…oh how they have toiled!

So that was our fabulous night, and we did find some music for our first dance!

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