Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Struggle

Do you ever question your purpose? At a certain point in life you believe you are where you should be, then within what appears to be a brief moment your perception changes and you question where you're at...?

I don't believe these moments are without purpose; on the contrary - I'm not saying that they are divine moments of clarity. They could be our own thoughts, selfishishly brought on by our own will. One would hope that not to be the case...

I don't read the word as much as I should, but in the midst of these thoughts, one verse stuck out in my mind - God is Faithful. He who called you is faithful. He who brought us into a relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ, is faithful. Its all in 1 Corinthians 1:8-9.

Wherever we are, whatever situation we in or are facing...God is faithful. If there is somewhere else he calls us to be, may we find that through him. Timing could be not what we expect, but we remember, God is faithful. To Him, 5 years is as a day, and maybe that time is what we need to prepare us for what is to come. It's no doubt there are urgencies that come up, dire situations that need our attention in this world, but God doesn't call everyone immediately, maybe He calls your neighbour, your friend. Sometimes I think He asks us to wait, wait for his timing. Maybe he asks us to stay where we are, because he needs us there too. Whatever it may be, He is faithful. I like what one author said on this topic..."God has started a work in you by his Divine grace. You have been redeemed. And that work must be continued by his grace until the day it is completed." -J. David Hoke

Whatever, wherever we may be - might we remember, He called us, he brought us into a relationship with him, introduced us to Jesus Christ, gave us an open line of communication, assures us he knows every part of us (Luke 12), and we have nothing to worry over.

Have you ever heard the story of Horatio Spafford? He wrote the hymn, It is Well With My Soul. A devout Christian and lawyer by trade he encountered tragic loss in a short period of time...after this penned the hymn.

I believe that in the midst of the struggle or life's decisions, even when we believe the decisions we make are right, whatever we face in it or after, we should remember, God is Faithful right to the end.

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Candice said...

That is beautiful, Lyla. Thanks for sharing.