Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogging with intent

I haven’t blogged in a long time and certain people make me aware of that continuously. Let me get something straight here. I started a blog when I was single, by myself with no one to talk to. Well, not no one…but you know. Now, I share my life's events with Quinn and I feel like I have no reason to write about it, because I already got it out of my system.
That’s not to say I don’t believe in the blog. I still want the blog, I think I simply need to adjust the tune of the blog. Often times, I feel I need to have something profound to say, or else I feel the blog is inadequate or me as an individual lacks quality blogging material.
So, rather than not blog at all, I will blog today, but simply tell you about the days, week and months that have been and lessons learned…

1. Scalding hot water on your skin, burns – Sunday I was not thinking. Quinn’s parents were over at my place for Mother’s Day, we were going to make coffee in the French Press. My kitchen is not yet stocked, so I boiled water on the stove rather than a kettle, when I decided to measure it out for the coffee I poured the water from the pot into a measuring cup which I had clasped in my hand. I chose not to use the handle on my Dollarama measuring cup. I poured, spilled all over and scalded my thumb. I was in some pain for 3+ hours. Finally, Quinn sent me to bed, tucked me in, propped my hand up on a pillow with my thumb drenched in Aloe Vera, he went home and I went to sleep. How restful my sleep was.

2. You can learn so much about yourself when you’re in a relationship. I’ve never taken the time to evaluate me (hopefully that means I’m not an egotist). It helps when you take a psychological analysis test as part of your marriage counseling… More than that, when you see a certain characteristic in the other person, I find it’s easier to see what your characteristic is. It can be the same or opposite of what you are. Regardless, once you figure that out, you develop a better understanding of them and see where their view comes from.

3. Sub-concious Stress – my work can sometimes be stressful, more-so there are moments where I don’t even realize my body is under stress until my stomach is writhing in pain as though someone is squeezing and pulling it. Yesterday was one of those days, without me knowing my mind took the challenges of my day and told my body it was too much, so my stomach went into stress mode. I met Quinn for lunch which was a very relaxing hour and also looked up some stress reliever tips…

Be aware of your choices; you always have a choice. This is true for emotions and work. Sometimes you need to let your emotions out but still stay in control. (In a corner crying is not the intention)

Start every day with reflection, spiritual or otherwise. (Good point, I’ll take the spiritual)

Remember to delegate. (yes, delegate to my subordinates ;)

Drink water it is the best beverage and stay off alcohol which always adds to stress one way or another. Caffeine is also known to raise stress levels, so again it is best to drink water. (really?, that goes against all corporate policy)

Talk to friends. This is one of the most important things, as keeping things bottled up can only cause more stress. (I knew talking to my friends while on the job was a good idea, now I have it in writing)

Get fit. Exercise a little every day. This releases endorphins that can lower stress levels, also eat chocolate it also releases endorphins, but sorry only in small moderate dosage. (A license to eat chocolate, this just gets better) (the chocolate thought trumps the exercise)

Learn to say no; you cannot do everything you are asked. (definitely struggle with this one, I attempt the impossible on a regular basis and when I succeed, the impossible is added to my list of duties)

Treat your body right - You will have more self-confidence and energy, and be less likely to experience the physical side effects of stress.

Develop a sense of humour - One of the barriers to stress reduction is the temptation to take things too seriously. It's okay to back off from your intensity and see the humour in life's situations. Laugh a little or better yet, laugh a lot! See the humour in stress.


Tiffany said...

See, I knew you'd feel better once you started blogging again!

Oh yeah, and having a boyfriend - NO EXCUSE!! I don't know if you know, but Candice and I are married too (not to each other) and we still blog. I have 2 (almost 3) kids and I blog more than you two put together! So get back at it. Slacker. that's right, the nickname still stands.

Tiffany said...

I eagerly await the next one!
Oh yeah - and you don't have to wait for something profound to blog about. Besides, I always find that the things I find profound the next person doesn't anyway, so there's no point in waiting. Day to day things will do just fine too!

Candice said...

Tom and I both like the new background. It's funny how all three of us (us, Tiffany, and you) all changed it up recently, but ours was the only one rejected by our viewers!

Tiffany said...

See, but Lyla thinks that by changing her background we'll think that there is activity going on around here. We cannot be so easily fooled! lol.

L.A.Z. said...

Thanks! I try to stay relevant :)

Tiffany said...

I noticed you had been commenting on the blogs of others, so I thought "gee, I bet there's a big juicy blog on Lyla's page."

Boy was I wrong.