Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reality of smartphones

This post is in reference to a certain someone who doesn't have a smartPhone yet.

Maybe, just maybe she's the smartest of us all...

In the shower this morning I was thinking about this smartphone stuff. I appreciate my iPhone and have no plans to give it up, but just like TV, Internet, it requires time management and control. At least for me.

A lot of good can be redeemed from my phone, I said to a friend yesterday who is going through a tough time, I can send you encouragement in less than a minute. That's the beauty of my phone. A little one line email.
The Bible, is on my phone, I think of one word from a verse and I can look it up, no flipping thru a concordance that I never have handy, God's word is with me always.
Quinn and I text and talk for free, unlimited I Love You's, or for Quinn over this last year, I needed to be accessible always to him, he likely wouldn't have continued working otherwise. Allowed me to help him, even though in the midst of it, I was sometimes very frustrated, looking back I see what it did for Quinn.

I had Facebook on my phone for a couple months recently, I've since removed it. I was Always checking it, which was resulting in me having too much screen time while I'm with my children.

Just today I found a Blogger app tho, it's so easy to use compare to trying to blog over the web on my phone.

So I guess I'm thankful for my iPhone and hope I choose each day to use it moderately and for God.

Here's to more blogging!! (moderately)


Tiffany said...

Moderately? Seriously? Blog blog blog! lol.

Tiffany said...

Awesome picture, by the way. :)