Friday, December 16, 2011


Caden loves to dance. We have music on all day, radio or if I find something great over YouTube. When he wants some dance time, he'll come to me, take what I'm doing at that moment, put it aside and pull my leg and say "dance". I guess I did dance a lot with him over the last 2 years and he must have inherited my love for music. Now he's creating moves of his own. Helps to have an amazing dance teacher ;).

Interesting what ive discovered this week. We're going through some stuff over here and I had this vision of what Christmas would look like, realizing this week that although Christmas will still be wonderful, it might be a tad different than my idea in my head. Caden and I during the daytime this month have been mostly listening to the Christian music station. They have mostly music that meets "the real meaning of the season". One day I switched it to another station in our fine city and it was VASTLY different messaging. Wow, it hit me. I'm sure there are a lot of people who don't have this "Christmas time" that media/culture leads us to believe is "normal". I wonder how deeply that affects people in the season, really? I know and have always known the real meaning of the season, but how often are we lead astray or led to want that "societal ideal" for Christmas? What things do we do at Christmas that we believe we have to do or feel forced to do to have a "Merry Christmas"?

Like other things in life, we have to be cogniscent of when society creates an ideal and what reality and life should mean to us and those close to us.

I think the message God wanted me to get this week, was that, Jesus came at Christmas, born not coincidentally, but divinely, in a stable. A barn. No matter what Christmas holds for us, He came for you and me, to be a part of our lives, every season of our lives. Not in a five star hospital or hotel room. He came for us, to live and experience real life as we do, the joy and the hardships, then give the ultimate gift of salvation if we accept that gift. If we do accept it, our eyes will see the world differently and if we do fall into a cultural trap, we can be led out and brought back to the real meanings of our life here.

Merry Christmas, and I mean that no matter what circumstances surround you this time of the year. Might you experience Jesus comfort in hardship or thank Him in times of joy. Praise God He sent Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

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