Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't Repost this...

My response to a "re-post" status I saw on Facebook:

Re-post status found on a friend's page:
In Canada - The Homeless go without eating.
In Canada - The Elderly go without needed medicines.
In Canada - The Mentally ill go without treatment.
In Canada - Our Troops go without proper equipment.
In Canada - Our Veterans go without benefits they were promised.
Yet we donate billions to other countries before helping our own first. Have the guts to re-post this. 1% will re-post, 99% won't

My response:
In Canada, we are rich and have an enormous opportunity to be generous in all things, financially and our time. We are Canada, we are this country, we are free to make choices that will impact the Homeless, the Elderly, the Mentally Ill, the Troops and the Veterans. Grateful our government can give money to other countries to help, but even tho we don't have billions personally to give, we can help in small practical ways here and still make big impacts. Don't repost this, just go out and do this.

I didn't respond this way on Facebook, because I would most likely offend, it makes me sad that we put down our government for something so silly. It would be the same as me bashing my church (which, shamefully I have in the past). I am the church, the people in the church are the church. If you bash Canada, you are Canada, you live here, you voted and you impacted the government currently in power. If you don't like a choice they made, write to your MP, voice your concern and pray for them. Yes, they have huge responsibilities and likely, most of us don't know enough background about each decision they make to question it entirely. Being a top 5 country in the world, says a lot. We are rich. Always remember how rich we are. If you think you are poor, you need to visit a 3rd world country. Always remember how rich we are.


Patkau Life said...

I took it in a different way. I took it as aiming at people individually. not the gouvernment. A lot of people view missions as something that is only impactfull if done over seas in a third world country. It is not. There are a lot of oppertunities to give or do missions at home. I think that is more what it was aiming at. that is the way I took it. It is also a subject that our church is focusing on this summer. Nehiamiah.

Tiffany said...

Well said!