Tuesday, May 24, 2011

undoing busyness


I'm so thankful I'm not unraveling...yet. Back in January when my sister asked me to be Matron of Honour for her, I accepted. I didn't tell her, but I was kinda scared. I'd done lots of bridal party duties before, but now I had a husband and a child! I said then that I was going to prioritize.
1. God
2. Husband
3. Caden
4. Other responsibilities including Maid duties

And, I did well...until crunch time. Yes, I coasted through til April. At the end of April, I knew it was gonna start getting busier, with showers and more and more helping, my duties were piling up, the things I'd been asked to do for her, some big jobs I hadn't even started. I knew May would be busy. Now here we are closing out May.

So in this last week I've been seeing a lack of intimacy/closeness with my husband over May. Enter: busyness. Busyness is an intimacy killer. We had a good chat about it and its me that needs to change - address it and change it. Definitely pray about it. So, yes I know we're still not at the wedding (less than 2 weeks to go), but I'm glad I know what to watch for and if you're praying, can you please pray that God can help me prioritize like I listed, like He wants me to? I'm a bad time manager, prioritizer, so I know the days I pray for TM and Priority help, I notice such a difference.

I am very excited for the BIG day! Despite those "worries", I'm there, its so close, its very exciting. We've had all the showers, which were great, my sister agrees - they were blessed like MAD! She already has her dress at home, oh so much is in place. OK, I should go write a list of my to-do's.
Thanks blog readers!


Tiffany said...

It's hard to fit everything in all the time! With any luck, your hubby will help take the load off with Caden and household stuff and understand that he needs to let you honour your sister for her big day too!

Good luck!

quinnandlyla said...

Quinn's been very helpful and patient. He's done a good amount of lone-parenting, this month especially...which i appreciate! I'm thankful my sister appreciates the fact he's loaned me out a lot too.

Tiffany said...

That's good! Weddings are fun, if not a bit stressful for those involved. Just think, soon the day will be here and everyone can just enjoy it. I bet your sister will be a beautiful bride!

Who else is standing up for her?

Q&L said...

Thanks Tiff. It's just me, they only wanted one each. Her dress is beautiful, yes, stunning! Can't believe it, now all my parent's girls will be married, wowzers! Exciting times. Thanks for the support :)

Tiffany said...

No prob.

All that'll be left is your baby brother!