Thursday, April 21, 2011


I was thinking this last week how grateful I am for Facebook. Do you know who much it has taught me over the last couple years?? Day in and day out my Newsfeed is FULL of thought provoking, engaging, teaching, God-centered moments. Granted I have kinda made it that way (or it's been provided for me to make it that way). There are people and organizations communicating God's word in ways that others can learn from. Since about 6-7 years ago, I have been drawn to learning (when I joined my church, sermons and reading books), I don't think I've read a fictional book in this time. But this last 2 year period hasn't given me a lot of time to read many non-fiction books either. That's what I like about Facebook, I'm able to read the articles organizations or individuals pass on and still be learning even though I don't have time for big books. As I said I just got the book Crazy Love, my first book in forever and when I do take some time to read it, it's hard to put down.

Of course nothing replaces some non-facebook, get-your-nose in the Bible time. The real Word. Lost track of that over this winter too, now these last few weeks I have done it, it requires discipline for me to just do it. You learn something new each day.

just my thoughts...

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Tiffany said...

Facebook is a funny thing - on one hand, there is loads of lameness on it, and on the other - it allows people to stay connected to others in some small way. I've reconnected with people on facebook that I had lost touch with. Actually, I've sort of made friends with people on there that I never really had a chance to befriend before. It's crazy.

Blogging is like that too. I know that after high school I had kind of lost touch with Sonya and Naomi, and now we're internetting it up on a daily basis. I've also connected with Candice, who I never would have thought of as more than one of your friends that I wouldn't have ever had a chance to know. I've also found women on the net that I don't know at all outside of blogland.

I know that none of these things are the same as picking up the phone, or meeting a friend for a coffee, but sometimes with our crazy lives and kids and somewhat-rigid schedules, it's hard to plan those things.

I love the internet.