Monday, August 9, 2010

mayhem monday

we're back from another busy weekend and maybe now summer will slow down...?? probably not. That's ok, we've had a really great summer, so many good experiences, loads of fun with Caden. Never knew before becoming a parent, how much sheer JOY it is to see your own child grow and develop, reach new heights, lift something we didn't think he could, pull something or reach something. Helps me see the God-God's children relationship even more. How thrilled God is to give us (his children) good things---I can now relate being a parent with a child the same.
Over the summer I've come across so many books I'd just love to read (Grace Based Parenting, something by Josh McDowell, loads more of the Bible, finish my Ravi Zacharias book)...where do parents find time?, I don't understand it. Yesterday Quinn and I were watching Caden and thinking how chaotic it would be to have another child. We threw out a few families who have more children than 1 and they seem to function so well, but we think maybe their kids aren't as busy as Caden??? ;)
As I commented on Tiffany's blog about prioritizing the day, I really do think that praying about it, asking God to please help us make wise decisions of our time, really helps me throughout the day.
Sometimes I think the lack of reading or finding time to read is my own issue, (like blogging), some of it is a time management issue/prioritizing, then other times, I would rather have a nap than read.

(i wanted SOOOO bad to get a family pic for a Christmas card, how about this one?) oh boy

(my bad decision, i wanted the pic against that building and there was no spot the sun wasn't!)

So excited we found a suit (inexpensive!) for Caden, I love, love, love it.
My great Mommy moment on Friday was ironing Caden's first pair of dress pants!


Tiffany said...

Jordan was by FAR my most difficult toddler. However, I've noticed that each toddler is easier than the last. I wonder if it's parrtly because as new parents we want to do everything perfectly and have our kids be just "so good" that we don't let ANYTHING go, thereby making it seem like we're battling this little person all day. Hence "the difficult/busy child." I still think she's more wilful than the boys, but then too, it's hard to say if they're more laid back because I've stopped worrying so much about the stuff I worried about with her!

For example: with Jordan I'd slap her hands for playing in the plants. Over and over. With the boys, I moved the plants up - end of battle. With her there was NO playing in the cupboards or with tupperware, I just didn't have the patience for it. When Mitchie had his little tupperware phase he'd sit at my feet and play with little measuring cups while I made dinner, and I let him because it kept him busy for a few minutes. Then when I DO discipline him, or threaten to spank his bum, he takes it more seriously, because it doesn't happen all the time.

I don't know. Each kid is different, each situation is different. You'll probably find that when you have more kids you'll not have the energy to worry so much about the small stuff, so you'll start to pick battles a little more. I think that's what I've done.

I always kind of felt bad for Jordan when we lived in the apartment - we had SO MUCH stuff, and it was all out on bookshelves, in our living space - everywhere! Books, shelves, CDs, the computer - everything was within reaching distance, there was no childproofing. We were on her all the time to leave stuff alone in an apartment brimming with temptation. It was almost like we were setting her up to fail. I have a bit of lingering guilt about that.

Having a bigger family is fun, but full of challenges. Definitely not easy! :) When for whatever reason I only have two kids for a few hours it's bliss in here! My entourage certainly keeps me busy!

Patkau Life said...

I remember you telling me a little bit about Tiffany's Jordan and how her and Zandria are the same. Zandria was a handful and a mover. When a kid is crawling at 7monthes and walking at 10 you know that is busy and into everything. Elias is not much less active. The difference is he is less accident prone. But I think one of the best things I did was have them close together. Zandria and Elias kept each other occupied playing with each other so that they didn't really get into too much more trouble. At the age they are right now they help each other get into trouble some times but still play together over 75% of the time. If I just had one I would go crazy trying to amuse Zandria while trying to do house work and the such.

On the other hand it is a bit challenging at first. Jer will atest to that. He found it really hard, but thinks it sooo worth it when they play together. which they do. I love my kids and will, God willing, have more. I want a big family so that they can have fun together. I love it and would reccommend going through the struggles of the first 6 monthes of having two to anyone that would ask. If you would ask Jer he would say wait until the older one is about 18 monthes old before you get pregnant. He wishes we would have done that, but I would have had them closer. but we compromised, that is what it is all about.

Have fun with him, and leave the decision of more until he is about a year or so, and them pray about it and think what is best for Caden. Have fun with him and your family. God will take care of it all.

Q&L said...

thanks guys!! :) good friends who give non-invasive advice, couldn't ask for more!!

Tiffany said...

Okay, I have to say I totally agree with Vanessa on having more than one. Two is easier - especially if they're in the same age range and can play together. Tennyson followed Jordan around from the minute he could crawl and got into WAY less trouble. Mitchie too - he was always entertained. Tennyson hasn't napped in probably a year now, for a couple of reasons - one, because I couldn't get him to go to bed early enough, quickly enough if he'd had a big nap during the day, but mostly because Jordan drove me a little nuts when Tennyson was down! Then she'd get into stuff, and be bored, and be underfoot, and pout and want her brother back. The two of them together? Taken care of.

Not telling you what to do or anything, but I've found that having mine close (I've never quite hit a 2 year age difference!) has been awesome that way. The first few months is maybe a little trying, because the older one isn't really "mature" enough to understand why mommy is suddenly so busy with someone else, but once that baby gets crawling it's a little godsend.

I have a friend whose kids are 3 years apart, and she spent so much time entertaining that oldest one, and finding him stuff to do, and arranging playdates for him, etc. That would drive me nuts. I never have to entertain mine!