Thursday, May 20, 2010

Schedules and BBQs

(playing Wii with Daddy)

In June I will be babysitting a one year old through the weekdays. Thus, I have felt the need to schedule my life in order to prevent chaos. I recently heard a sermon/message on planning, how important it is for us as individuals and/or in households. If you have a plan and it needs adjusting, that's ok, at least you had the plan in place. It is good for us to plan for short-term or long-term, but be aware if God has alternate plans to be accepting of that change to your plan.

Proverbs 16:9
In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.


So, I've devised a chart, showing what meal will need to be made for each day of the week for the 4 weeks of June, therefore ensuring I get everything I need at the grocery store on the weekend, meaning no random trips for Quinn or I. Also, on the chart I filled in all the household requirements for each day of the week. i.e. laundry, vacuum, dusting, washroom. I kinda have a system already, but when you have two little ones around, I might forget throughout the week. Their needs are on the forefront of my mind, and we also plan to go outside every day of the week. Hopefully with the schedule, when there is downtime or naptime I can fit in the household stuff as I'm reminded by my sked.

I know June will be a crazy month with the adjustments of having 2 boys, so I'm praying the transition goes smoooooooth :)


I'm really happy barbeque season is here, here's some things we've got on the bbq.

Beef/Chicken/Veg kabobs
Fresh Pineapple rings-yum

That's all I can think of, there must be more, what do you have on your BBQ?


Ange said...

Is it for June only that you are babysitting or is this going to be a full time thing? Plans are good. I tried for a while making a menu, it worked pretty good. I need to get back at it. Makes it so much simpler knowing what we are going to have in advance and having all the ingredients on hand to make it.

Tiffany said...

Schedules are good, but be willing to bend sometimes too! Sometimes a day is too beautiful to fit in mopping and laundry, and would be better spent with some sandwiches in a park somewhere!

That being said, I plan a menu too, and have a list of chores I want done every week. Not that everything always gets done, and I'm learning to cut myself a little slack on it!

Q&L said...

Just for June right now, the 4 weeks starting may 31. Maybe Sept full time depends if the Mommy decides to go back to teach for another year. :)