Monday, March 2, 2009

Tears of Joy

Last night we went to see the Watoto African Children's Choir.

Yes, I got a little emotional on their opening song...what a performance, they can dance and sing like nobody's business!

These children were all rescued by Watoto, either left as orphans by the war or AIDS epidemic, and with one or both parents deceased. Watoto gives them a new home with a home mother and each home holds eight kids (siblings), creating a new family for them.

Some of them gave testimonies of what Watoto has done for them and more importantly how Jesus rescued them from despair. They told us of their aspirations to become doctors, pastors and pilots, even a taxi driver!
An incredible organization. They started the organization in 1994 and recently Baby Watoto hospital (or home) opened in 2007 - rescuing babies and they just opened a community which is rescuing and rehabilitating child soldiers from the civil war.
I forgot our camera at home (ugh!!), but here are some online pics.

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Candice said...

A mission team from our church just got back from Watoto!!!

Our church raised funds for the materials to build a classroom (and they went and built the classroom), supplied a trillion or so diapers, and helped relive workers in the Bulrushes (the baby orphanage) for a few days in January.

They are an incredible organization; they do incredible work. I know our pastor can't say enough good things about them. He visited them last year and returned with a team this year. I'm so glad to hear they made it to Winnipeg and you made it out to see them!

Inspiring, isn't it? Now let's just hope that the trips they take to raise funds in Canada don't warp their precious minds towards our north American mentality. Sigh.