Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Disfunctional-Iron Syndrome

For the past 7 months I have not ironed my clothes. Yes, it’s true, the wrinkles have been crimping my style. After I moved out, I lived on limited household supplies. I figured - we were getting married in 7 months, better to wait for the gifts then spend money needlessly (not that I expected gifts, its just what happens :).

This past week, with setting up our new apartment, we bought a few necessities - iron and ironing board.

This morning I decided to make use of this recent purchase. I pulled out the ironing board, which took a few mins to figure out, (it has an extra plastic clasp to hold the legs in). Plugged in the iron. Since I only had a few minutes to iron, I chose not to use the steam feature. This iron was taking a very long time to warm up, so I decided to try adding water and engage the steam feature…maybe it would work faster. I only filled a quarter of the reservoir thinking I didn’t need much water. I tried using the steam feature, didn’t work. The iron still wasn’t hot. I decided to use the ‘spray’ feature, nothing happened. I lifted up the iron and water poured onto my pants. I tried several times over to use both the steam and spray feature…nothing worked, after a few minutes, I had a LAKE on my ironing board.

Quinn calls…I explained my frustrating situation and said I would have to go back to the instruction manual. Quinn regretfully informs me, he believes the instruction manual got thrown out with the boxes during unpacking. Quinn suggested we look on the internet for some instructions.

I went back to my closet, pulled the best of the worst un-ironed pants and left the lake until tonight. No, I will not let the iron win and make this a bad day. The rest of my morning started off great - of which, the first morning in 2 weeks I haven’t woke with a sore back and the iron can’t take that away from me. So happy!


Tiffany said...

Ha ha - lake. YOu mean you didn't wear your wet pants to work?

Lyla, how are you supposed to have domestic bliss if you can't get the iron going?

Okay, just bake cookies and forget about the wrinkles. You make goood cookies.

Ange said...

I never iron. If it needs ironing, I don't buy it. Hate that job.

L.A.Z. said...

Yes, I might as well have rinsed them in hot water and hung to dry for all the iron'll get it yet.

Candice said...

Try spraying with a bit of water and throwing them in that cute dryer of yours for a few minutes instead.

L.A.Z. said...

I found out the iron does indeed heat, still working on the 'spray' and 'steam' features. I'll be an expert yet...