Thursday, November 15, 2007


Tiffany has been bugging me about the little to no blogging I've been doing and she insists I don't need specific topics to blog about, just life in here goes.

Early Sat. morning (9am is early for Quinn)

I'll start with the last weekend. It was an absolutely glorious Saturday morning, my beau and I were on our way to Pembina Valley, Manitoba. It was a delightful fall drive through southern Manitoba, the sun was shining, the car was moving wrecklessly down the road due to Quinn's driving. (kidding) It was however an amazing day for a drive. We or I (Quinn may be directionally challenged at times) managed to navigate our way down to Pembina Valley Bible Camp. My cousin, her husband and their daughter were staying there for the weekend with some friends. We arrived shortly after lunch and one awesome pizza later, we spent a few hours at the camp, playing with Zandria (1 yr old), bugging Venessa and listening to Jeremy's dry sense of humour. i.e. What is brown and sticky? A brown stick (Quinn guessed poo, but no)

Jeremy (or Roughrider bleh fan) feeding Zandria. And the only picture I could snap of Venessa.
Later that afternoon, we left the camp and made our way to the most, shall we say, interesting little town in central Manitoba - Portage la Prairie. Enter the home of Tiffany and Steven Verwey, and mini Verweys, Jordan and Tennyson. We brought over some Chinese food, horsed around with the kids, played Cranium and called it a night. (BTW - Thanks for having us!) Good night for a drive back to the 'peg. As we were out in the "country", what better time then to check out the stars...Quinn claimed to know something about the stars...???

After Sunday School on Sunday, we went and had a quick meal then took off to the Bomber game. brrrrrr Yes, we nearly froze our you-know-what's off. The game turned out to be great with the Bombers posting a much needed win....Grey Cup??

Later that night, we spent the evening with Matt & Andie, more Chinese food and a movie, that would not have been Andie or I's 1st choice. It had it's moments, but Boys - should not pick movies, period. (Super Troopers) All in all, good weekend.

Sunday night - after the football game, my stomach was not too happy and has been that way since. Sunday to now Thursday. It is off and on, usually after eating. I think I'm getting better, we'll see what happens. I have been very well taken care of the last few days, I can't even tell you how much I appreciate my man - Quinn.


Tiffany said...

Awwww, you guys are too cute!

T&C said...

Shouldn't he be watching the road?