Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I see North Americans...

Welcome to my blog...my first official blog.

For those who don't know, in May I was in Cambodia for 2.5 weeks on a humanitarian trip. Going to Cambodia, we (group of 23) did not want to impose our Canadian culture on the Cambodia people. We wanted to watch, listen and learn who they were, how they live and like I've said before - be immersed in their day to day. Which I believe we were – I’m so thankful for the opportunity to travel in this way, you’re exposed to the country in a very raw, real way. Ask me if I can travel as a ‘normal’ tourist again, especially to a third world country…I can’t picture it, it would be too disturbing; taking what I need - then leaving 7 days later.

Today I went to the grocery store – often when I see people, I’m judgmental (being really honest here), but today, I was sad, I was sad at the way many people are living, even in how we recklessly buy groceries, carts laden with processed food and candy. I moved my cart so slowly through the store, today I felt like I saw people through different eyes.


roverT said...

Hey Lyla welcome to the blogworld.

I totally agree with you on the way you feel about people and how they spend their money...but I really like candy!

Tiffany said...

Hey slacker! See how good I am, writing in your blog? Oh yeah, and I'll check back regularly so don't delete me! Not sure what else to write.

Okay, and as a comment somewhat related to what you wrote - it is important to not feel guilty about being better off. I'm not saying that we should spend and consume with reckless abandon either, but it is important that we acknowledge and appreciate what we do have. We need to be thankful, and to recognize how blessed we are. You should also be proud of yourself too you know, you're pretty amazing. Not a lot of people would fund-raise and save money to travel halfway around the world to help out with humanitarian efforts. The time, effort and money that was given by your group of people to do this would have bought a pretty decent touristy trip, but you chose instead to put it toward something greater. I'm proud of you you know.